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• Question 1
1 out of 1 points "The tale of Professor Larry Foster and his grade book filled with Fs was told by one generation of faculty to the next with a mix of envy, awe and delight. If there was one thing you could be sure of, there was no grade inflation in his department, whose culture was formed primarily by:"
Selected Answer: critical incident. • Question 2
0 out of 1 points The tendency of employees in a functionally organized company to become fixated on their own concerns and work assignments to the exclusion of the needs of other departments is known as:
Selected Answer: nepotism. • Question 3
0 out of 1 points Centralized units within an organization or department that oversee or improve the management of projects are called:
Selected Answer: central clearinghouses. • Question 4
0 out of 1 points Which of the following is an internal project stakeholder group?
Selected Answer: clients • Question 5
0 out of 1 points "A strategic element that contains formally titled initiatives such as the Customer Survey Project, the Small Business Alliance Project, and the Employee Relations Project is most likely a:"
Selected Answer: strategy • Question 6
1 out of 1 points "Strategic management is the science of formulating, implementing, and evaluating __________ decisions."
Selected Answer: cross-functional • Question 7
1 out of 1 points The same project managed in the same fashion may succeed in one organization but fail in another.
Selected Answer:

• Question 8
0 out of 1 points "Organizational culture can be influenced a variety of ways, including by reward systems and key organizational members."

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