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Here are some statistics and diagrams from the governement of the UK that shows the level of sports participation of kids.
The latest data show that in the four weeks prior to being interviewed,95 per cent of 11-15 year olds took part in sport in or outside of school. These results have remained stable since 2008/09.
Percentage of children who participated in sport in the last four weeks, 2008/09 to 2012/13

Amongst all children (5-15 year olds) the rate of those who had taken part in any sport in the 4 weeks before being interviewed decreased from 2008/09 (91%) to 2012/13 (88%) In the week prior to being interviewed, 89 per cent of 11-15 year olds took part in sport either in or outside of school.
Percentage of children who participated in sport in the last week, 2008/09 to 2012/13

Amongs 11-15 year olds, using the “sport in the last four weeks” measure, there was a significant increase since 2010/11 in the rate of those who had played cricket, dodgeball, rounders, tennis, table tennis, basketball, badminton and taken part in cross country, jogging or road running and athletics (track and field events, running races or jumping).
Sports participated in by 11-15 year olds in the last 4 weeks, 2012/13, showing significant changes since 2010/11

83 per cent of 11-15 year old children reported they had participated in some form of competitive sport in the last 12 months. 79 per cent had taken part in competitive sport in school, whilst 37 per cent had taken part outside of school. There have been no significant changes recorded in these figures since 2011/12, which was the first full year this question was asked.
Outside of school, boys were more likely than girls to have to have played for a sports team (35.8% compared to 9.8%), played in a sports competition or one off event (25.2% compared to 11.6%) or been a member of a club that plays sport (37.2% compared to 15.3%).
Percentage of children who did competitive sport outside school, by gender and participation type, 2012/13.…...

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