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S [ oftware Requirements Specification ]

The VRRS (Vehicle Registration & Renewal System) centralized database allows information to be shared statewide, aiding the fight against registering stolen vehicles. The system also will provide consistent name information, making sure registrations and titles match owners names on their driver licenses. 1.1 Purpose
We plan, design, implement and manage the automation of the vehicles registration system. We primarily provide and manage the required resources so that the automation plan will become successfully done.
1.2 Scope
Make the system more reliable and unambiguous. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the registration process. Enhance the processing of vehicle registration system. Identify and track the vehicles in circulation. Make it possible to link vehicles with their rightful owners. Fight against registering stolen vehicles. Revoke registration of old vehicles that have been destroyed. Ensure that all vehicles are regularly inspected to determine if they are still fit to drive. Make vehicle owners accountable in case of unpaid registration taxes. Lower the cost of vehicle registration transactions. To manage the Project team members and effective Communication between them. To fulfill Organizational Demands. To achieve Project Deliverables efficiently and effectively.

1.3 Project Definition
Although the registration system already exist but the work done manually, through the IT infrastructure in this sector, a lot of work goes easy. In which we are going to start the project of the computerized registration of the vehicles so that the system of registration will work efficiently for the betterment of the countrymen.
1.4 References

2. Overall Description

--Opportunity statement

The new system will help…...

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