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What is a delicious snack that has a refreshing sweet taste while offering the purest nutrients to your bones at the same time? The answer is Stonyfield Farm’s organic yogurt. With the rise in health awareness in past years, the organic food industry has been gaining more and more recognition. As one of the lead brands of organic yogurts, Stonyfield sits in a good position for expansion and profitability. Like all firms, Stonyfield competes with many other companies within their industry and maintains a dynamic range of stakeholders. In addition to investigating the company’s competition and stakeholders, one should evaluate Stonyfield’s micro and macroeconomic environments on a demographic, natural, technological, economical, and political level. Stonyfield holds their strong ground to make them the success that they are, and the company’s values are carried out through their operations. Stonyfield Farm has a large share of the organic yogurt market, but on a broader scale it has many competitors. Walking down the dairy isle, consumers will see a plethora of yogurt brands they will have to choose from. Such rivals include Yoplait, Light and Fit, Choabani, and Activia. Each yogurt’s unique style promises the customer something different, giving them each a competitive edge. What sets Stonyfield apart from other brands is more than just the USDA Organic label and what comes inside each cup. Behind the brand, customers can discover an entire world of ethical and sustainable principles that drives the actions of Stonyfield.
In addition to rivals, Stonyfield considers their various stakeholders when making executive decisions. Some stakeholders include independent organic dairy farmers, company employees, their parent company DANONE, and their private investors. All of these contribute a unique and important aspect to the company’s operations, and their…...

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