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Study Guide Week 2

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Study Guide: Module/Week 2
Derived from the course text book, The Essence of the New Testament: A Survey (2012), and the New Testament documents.

Chapter 5
Matthew: The Kingdom of Heaven

1. Who exactly was Matthew, the author of the Gospel of Matthew (47–49)? 2. Matthew most likely wrote to __Jewish____ Christians from about AD ____60-65______ (47, 50–52). 3. According to Matthew, certain events in Jesus’ life were a fulfillment of Old Testament ____ (cf. Matt 1:22; 2:15, 17, 23; 4:14–16; 8:17; 12:17; 13:35; 21:4; 26:53–54; 27:9). 4. Matthew traces Jesus’ lineage back to two very significant OT persons (Matt 1:2, 6, 17). Who were they and why are they significant (56–57)? 5. How does Matthew emphasize that Jesus is Savior of both Jews and Gentiles (62)? 6. How does Matthew depict Jesus’ supreme authority (57)? 7. Matthew is the only Gospel that mentions the ______ (Gk. ekklesia) by name (Matt 16:18). 8. The key word in Matthew is ____Kingdom______ (47). 9. Know the key verse in Matthew. 2:2 10. Matthew may be organized around Jesus’ five sermons or __________ (55).

Chapter 6
Mark: The Divine Servant

1. Identify the author of the Gospel according to Mark (65–66). John Mark 2. Mark wrote his Gospel about AD ____65__, and his original recipients were _Roman___ Christians. 3. What is the theme of Mark’s Gospel? 4. The key word in Mark is “___immediately_______” (Gk, eutheōs). 5. Know the key verse in Mark. 10:45 6. Describe the unique features of Mark’s Gospel (69–73). 7. Describe how Mark emphasizes the supernatural nature of Jesus Christ. a. God’s declaration (1:11) b. Jesus has authority to forgive sin (2:5) c. Evil spirits cry out “you are the Son of God” (3:11) d. He is the “Son of the Most High” (5:7) e. He raised Jairus’ daughter (5:40–42) f. At the Transfiguration, God declares “This is my Son…” (9:2–7) 8. Jesus predicts his death and resurrection (8:31–32; cf. 9:9–12, 30–31; 10:32–34), fulfilling his prediction and purpose (10:45) when he rose from the dead (16:6–7)!

Chapter 7
Luke: The Son of Man

1. Discuss how both the internal and external evidence point to Luke as the author of the third Gospel (77–78). 2. Who is specified as the recipient of Luke’s Gospel (78)?Theophilus 3. Luke most likely wrote his Gospel around AD____60______. 4. The key word in Luke is “__people_______” (Gk. laos). 5. Luke emphasizes Jesus Christ as the ____the perfect son of God and savior of all mankind________. 6. Know the key verse in Luke’s Gospel.19:10 7. The most comprehensive Gospel is Luke (82).True 8. The most universal Gospel is Luke (82).True 9. Luke mentions more historical events than do the other Gospels (82–83).True 10. Luke emphasizes the role of women more than the other Gospels (86; cf. Luke 2:36–38; 7:11–17; 8:1–3; 10:38–4213:10–17; 21:1–4).True…...

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