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In Greek mythology the sycamore tree represents strength, divinity, and hope; for me the sycamore tree represents peace, stability, and freedom. If I had to choose a concrete place that I am perfectly content or at peace, it would have to be lying cradled within in the boughs of the Sycamore tree in my front yard. The Tree holds me above all my problems; they just drop away when I’m there. The Sycamore is vital to my existence because it provides consistency in my life: Everything else is precarious and subject to change, but the Sycamore has always been there. When my great grandmother died, I just couldn’t deal with the emptiness. I ran to the Sycamore and just lay there to get away from the questions of “Are you okay?”, or “Do you want to talk about it?” The enveloping silence really helped me get through that hard time. The Sycamore was the calm to my turmoil, the sunshine to my clouds.
This Sanctuary is a place that provides not only relief but liberation in times of stress. I always know that if things become too much, the Sycamore will be there for me to climb and forget about my life, if only for a brief fragment of time. I can lay in the crook of the Tree listening to music or reading a book; it doesn’t really matter because it is what I choose to do rather than what I “have to do”. There isn’t a time limit to how long I can be there: it’s always open. It could be twelve in the morning and I could merely turn on the porch light and climb that Tree. It’s so simple. And that simplicity is what makes the Sycamore my anchor, my place of peace.…...

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