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Tb143 Intro to Pc

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Intro to PC

Lab 2 Assignment
Task 1: Procedure
1. Convert the decimal number 125 into binary. Use the division by two method.
2. Convert your binary result back into decimal to prove your answer is correct.
#1. 125 / 2 = 62 R 1 = 1
62 / 2 = 31 = 0
31 / 2 = 15 R 1 = 1
15 / 2 = 7 R 1 = 1
7 / 2 = 3 R 1 = 1
3 / 2 = 1 R 1 =1
1 / 2 = .5 = 1

#2. 64/1 32/1 16/1 8/1 4/1 2/0 1/1
Task 2: Procedure
1. Convert the binary 10101101 into decimal. Use the method of adding weights.
128/1 64/0 32/1 16/0 8/1 4/1 2/0 1/1
Task 3: Procedure
1. Convert the decimal number 210 into hexadecimal. Use the division by 16 method.
2. Convert your hexadecimal result back into decimal to prove your answer is correct.
#1. 210 / 16 = 13 R 2 = 2
13 / 16 = 13 = D
210 = D2
#2. 13 x 16 + 2 = 210
Task 4: Procedure
1. Convert the hexidecimal E7 into decimal.
2. Convert the hexidecimal E7 into binary, and then convert the binary result into decimal to prove your answer is correct.
#1. 14 x 16 + 7 = 231
#2. 231 / 2 = 115 R 1 = 1
115 / 2 = 57 R 1 = 1
57 / 2 = 28 R 1 = 1
28 / 2 = 14 = 0
14 / 2 = 7 = 0
7 / 2 = 3 R 1
3 / 2 = 1 R 1
1 / 2 = .5 = 1
128/1 64/1 32/1 16/0 8/0 4/1 2/1 1/1…...

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