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The Best and Worst Ad

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Part 1:
The ad that i consider as the best
Chupa Chups: It’s Sugar Free

I was attracted by this ad when first saw it. I was guessing what this ad try to express through it. After noticing “it’s sugar free.”, i cannot stop thinking of it. Chupa Chups broke the traditional way to promotion the sugar free product. Normally, the promotion method for sugar free products is focus on the health benefits of avoiding sugar or to make the consumers feel guilty for choosing products with sugar. They like to make you feel bad about being overweight then expect to sell you a different, 'healthier' version of the same product that made you overweight in the first place. Some products even tried to show all ingredients in sugar free products to tell customers that we don’t add sugar. However, Chupa Chups created new interesting way to express the meaning of sugar free lollipop. This ad tells customer the benefits by using ants avoiding the lollipop because there’s no sugar in the lollipop to attract ants. Ants are a complete and utter nuisance and known as liking sugar sweet things and everyone who has ever anything sweet knows the feeling of ants stop you from enjoying your sweet snacks. Based on this common culture between customer and company, Chupa Chups tried to tell customer this lollipop is really sugar free by indicating that ants are taking a detour around the lollipop.
This ad leads me in the sequence of attention, interest, desire and action. I got attracted at first and wanted to figure out what’s this. After realizing it promotes sugar free lollipop i tended to have the desire to buy on and try it. As I’m one of the group which want to lose weight but crazy about candies. And the design of this ad creates a good visual enjoy for customers. By using the dark tone ground as a background, the Chupa Chups stands out and makes people who see this know that the main concept of this advertisement is something related to this colorful candy. They used the left green grass to reduce the plain of the ad. The second thing will come to the eyes is the lines of ants walking pass by dropped Chupa Chups as if they thought it was no food hindrance dropped on their route. However, these ants will not be so meaningful without the right corner sentence of “ it’s sugar free.” under the Chupa Chups logo. It can prevent people from overlooking the main concept of this advertisement by putting sentence under the log because most people will look at the logo and this can increase the probability that people can have a look at this sentence. This advertisement combines art and real products very well.

Part 2:
The ad that i consider as the worst
Samsonite: The strongest and lightest
I cannot go through the AIDA sequence in this ad because i keep wondering what this tries to tell us. This cannot raise my attention if i saw it by accident. However, they put the samsonite and luggages on it to not make the ad even worse. The main problem is the entire idea which is non sequitur because hockey and luggage cannot be related to each other. And this ad tells nothing through the hockey theme. The “ the strongest and lightest samsonite ever” has little relation to the three man playing hockey by samsonite luggage. The good ad should give out its idea clearly and creative, the most important point is that people can understand it easily and positive. However, this ad’s purpose is vogue without the sentence. After searching this ad online, i finally got the idea which is telling the luggage is durable and strongest that you can play an aggressive sport with it. However, this message isn’t strong enough to express and support the idea. If samsonite wants to put their products to sports position, it should make more sense to show an adventure sport, such as rock climbing or backpacking and these sports can express the image of “rugged and durable” better. In this ad, they promoted samsonite in an inappropriate sports method and cannot show the idea directly which made me thought maybe samsonite sponsor some hockey games. The selection of the main color and background is black and dark color which shows negative feeling through the ad. If they dealt well with the color combination or adjustment, black and dark theme can represent luxury. This maybe a good picture or photo because the comparison of dark and light, but it isn’t a good advertisement since it tells no story and perfect-match theme.…...

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