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The Day I Injured My Back

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Feeling sore to the point where I almost could not stand and tired to the extent of exhaustion, at the end of my gymnastics practice, already having worked out five hours today I still had one hour remaining. Practice seemed to be going on forever. I stood by this big window getting ready to practice the turn I was having trouble with while watching my coach walk towards the front of the building to talk to one of the parents. Once I saw her reach her destination, I started to practice. After a few minutes of practicing I became really frustrated about not being able to get my turn correct, I took a deep breath and tried again. Suddenly, my foot slipped out from underneath me and I feel the ground rising up to meet me. I shut my eyes, preparing myself for the pain that was sure to come. The pain I felt when I hit the ground was something far worse than I prepared for. My back erupted in sharp-shooting pain that left me paralyzed in my left leg and the left side of my back. While lying on the ground I thought to myself, I don’t think I’m going to be able to get off the ground. A few minutes later I finally got the courage to stand.
Making my way slowly towards my coach, I walked up to her saying, “I just fell and my left leg and side went numb, now it’s just tingling.”
“Oh, you will be okay; just keep practicing.” She responded. I looked at her thinking to myself, Are you crazy? I walked off going to do what she told me, even though I was terrified of falling again. Later that night I came home in excruciating pain. No matter what position I either stood, sat or lied in, I could not get relief. I walked into my parents room and found them lounging.

“I fell while practicing my turn and my left side and my left leg went numb. It hurts extremely bad.” I said tearfully. “Well, take some ibuprofen, put some ice on it, then tomorrow I will take you to the chiropractor.” My mom replied. I walked away thinking, Hopefully I will be able to go to sleep tonight. The next day while walking hunched over like an old lady because it hurt worse to stand straight up, than to hunch over. I leisurely walked into the waiting room anxiously waiting to see the doctor. Finally the lady at the front desk called my name and I apprehensively followed her back into another room.
The doctor hurriedly walked in and asked, “What did you do to yourself this time?”
“I slipped and fell practicing my turns and went totally numb in my left leg and left side of my back.” “Well, let’s take a look.” She made me lean forward and backward as much as I could and ran her hands down my tight muscled back.
After she finished prodding me she said, “Let’s go ahead and take x-rays and see what the problem is.”
I cautiously walked into the next room feeling frightened because I had never gotten my x-rays taken before. “Just relax, this will only take a moment.” She told me. After the x-rays were finished, we went back to the room we were in before.
“Well, you have a muscle spasm, a pinched nerve, and spondylolisthesis.” She told me.
It all sounded terribly scary to me and was afraid to ask what it all meant especially the spondylolisthesis. I finally got the courage to ask, “What is spondylolisthesis?”
“In the x-ray it looks like your back is broken because your spine hangs half way off of your tailbone but it’s not actually broken.” She proceeded to tell me.
“Okay, how long will it hurt and what do I need to do for it to get better?” I quietly asked.
“I can’t estimate how long it will continue to hurt, but if you do the stretches on the list I gave to you and put ice and heat on it will help it. And you can’t do gymnastics moves that involves your back.”
I was angry and disappointed that I couldn’t fully continue what I loved to do. I needed to be able to train because I was the highest level on my team and every day I couldn’t practice was a major setback for me. For a few months all I could do was stretch my legs and nothing else. I did my stretches everyday even the pain was almost unbearable.
After a couple weeks I went back to the chiropractor to see if she would allow me to resume practicing everything I needed to be able to. After she finished my check-up, she smiled at me and said, “You are doing much better and can go back to your normal workouts, but you will probably still feel a little uncomfortable since you haven’t been using certain muscles and haven’t been stretching them to the extent that you were used to.”
I was so happy I almost shouted out with joy. No pain, no gain is what I thought to myself. There were quite a few times were I just wanted to give up and cry my eyes out, but my mom encouraged me and through many tearful prayers God helped me carry on.…...

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