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The Less Is More Option

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Less is more and the seven generations: alternatives to economic growth More or less? We love comparing, measuring, rating, and quantifying things. It started in school, who does better at school, who’s better at sports, who has more toys? It followed into puberty, with who owns the better clothes, who has the most dates, who goes to the better college? And finally, straight into adulthood comparing jobs, income, house sizes and cars.
Excuse me for my bluntness, but in a world with 7.4 billion people and an infinite number of categories in which to compare yourself, there will always be someone that has more, or is “better” than you are in some way. Nevertheless, is more always better? Or could the opposite be true, could less be more? More is more We have grown up surrounded by abundance, and we are always achieving for more and aspiring to get the next best thing. We work more hours to get paid more to buy more things in the hopes of being happier.
This belief is somewhat true. Income and happiness are related to a certain extent. An increase in the level of income is positively related to an increase in the level of happiness, until achieving an annual income of approximately 13,000 USD. After this point, happiness remains stable even when the income increases.1
Since 1950, GDP per capita in countries like the UK and the US has more than tripled, but people there are not any happier than before. Why is that?
World experts in the subject of happiness, Dr. Diener, Dr. Lyubomirsky and Dr. Seligman, showed that once the essential needs to support life, such as adequate water, food, and housing, are met, additional money does not buy additional happiness.3 However other things do, such as being healthy, having meaningful relationships, a positive frame of mind, being engaged in meaningful work and being altruistic.4 Therefore why is…...

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