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The Metamorphisis of Gregor Samsa

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The Metamorphosis of Gregor Samsa

Gregory Samsa, is the main character in the story by Frank Kafka entitled "Metamorphosis". This story, published in 1915, is a disturbing look at the seemingly pathetic life of man and how a major change affects not only him, but those around him. Gregor Samsa appears to be a hard working young man, with a strong work ethic, whose main existence in life is to provide for his family through his work. His family, likewise, seems to be only interested in the money that Gregor provides to the family, so that they family debt may be paid. Otherwise, Gregor Samsa is a lonely man who leads a lonely life. He seems to go through life with no sense of being until one day he awakes completely transformed physically. He becomes something completely unknown to him in the physical sense. However, the question remains does the physical transformation produce a transformation in the emotional sense? Does Gregor change his sense of being as a result of his metamorphosis? The story tells the tale of a man who is disconnected from society in so much as a drastic, dramatic and disturbing change in his appearance does nothing to change his emotional state. Transforming into a hideous creature, a detested cockroach does not seem to affect him in the psychological sense, it does not seem to change who he is at the core. However, what we do see is how the transformation seems to change the people around him. His family and boss respond very differently to Gregor and overtime the reactions of his family become more and more distant, to the point of uncaring and aloof to it all. This is an interesting perspective as it points to the complexity of the human psyche and how people respond to physical appearances.
Gregor Samsa is known to be a hard worker by his family and co-workers. His life is centered around his work as a travel salesman. It seems his…...

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