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In the state of Phoenix Arizona, in the late 60’s within a fire chief’s meeting, they formed an incident command system. That helps govern their response to any disaster, which could be natural or manmade. The incident command system created to aid in reducing the communication dilemmas with establishing terminology. To assist in creating a hierarchy structure to recognize the person in power, what is required, as well as the individuals anticipated to keep updating society of the crisis. They found helpful with reducing panic, to keep control within the incident. In this paper, it will discuss the response command configuration, appropriate staff or locations, Information staff, Scenario-base instruction, and conclusion. Response framework can help critical situations, like disasters. Command response configuration
The portrayal within the incident command system normally has a single incident commander, which they control the plan of action also the ultimate decision-making abilities. The management personnel whom they report to the incident command comprise of a safety officer, which they observe safety situations, creates strategies for assuring the safety every staff member also the public. An officer of public information, they are the source information for everybody that is a crisis victim. The public information officer also serves as a liaison to the media, by them answering on inquiries, addressing rumors aiding, to keep the public alert of what resolution in the matter. “The liaison officer for all supporting agencies assisting in the incident, get in contact within in the situation” (Blyth, M., 2009). Operation chief duty is to meet actions and goals, within the incident. The planning manager gives the status, of every one of the resources also the event status. The finance, also administration chief observes the events that deals contracts require forming the logistics officers. The logistics director give every resource possible, also the support needed within the incident also services as well. The public health nurse, within the field arrangers for people, affected forms the event. Observe on the welfare. Besides, the safety of Society as well as address the people wants in the matter.
Particular staff or locations The imitation with the chain of command has an incident commander, which they have full leadership over the incident also the action of the response team. The incident commander is accountable, for keeping the unit up to date with information giving anticipated period. So it will show when things are obtainable, also when everything would be back to operating again. The operation officer on the response them showed the entire dilemmas, which the incident has done, like power outages, tainted water. The logistics officer correspond required services, also supplies for the crisis like providing shelter that is short term, also cleaning up polluted water. The next response team member the public information chief gives the media information, also the society where can they obtain fresh water also housing advisors to aid in the matter.” The public health nurse duties are to give a check up on the people all through, the area that was impacted by the incident” (Smith, Kathleen N., 2016). They formulate a safety evaluation with their medication, water, food, shelters, also resources that they can give to the public until the disaster is over. The public health nurse will provide knowledge about, food, also tainted water, as well as planned to have transportation to get to their shelter area when it was required to report their discoveries, also do checkups that planned. The public health nurse also gives information to various victims, of disaster to get in touch with their insurance companies to obtain help to fix their house and other personal property that destroyed within the catastrophe that took place within the area. Expired food, boiling clean water, also mold consultants are likely to consider out of the society health nurses part of their duties. Although these hazards can be likely can already recognize from the incident command system, by working in the system lets community public health nurse discuss and learn about the health risks that are instantaneous during disasters. Following those moments, within a catastrophe various personnel are govern to do operations out of his or her actual fields they are experience in doing to secure the safety of society. The individual resource is accessible; to community public health nurse following disasters would have brochures to show people what tainted food would look like to them. The logistics officer will have to recognize the necessary resources housing, fresh water, also food. The unit finance chief would budget in receive fresh water, food, also housing following a crisis. The logistics and finance manager would be very vital sources for society, public health nurses to aid people following the incident. Public health nurses also can bring up the discussion of the mold; also, guide victims to get in touch with their insurance company for the reason mold have deadly ailments.” People with asthma, allergies, or other breathing conditions may be more sensitive to mold” (CDC, 2015). Public health nurses have various city source are attainable, which can be the public health office that can open back up unlivable housing, restaurants when mold becomes a dilemma as such. It is a definite source; the community health nurses have at their disposal following if there is a disaster incident.
Information staff
When there is an emergency matter happening while doing interviews the health community nurses, should aid in the security in the matter which then they could figure out the best care required in the case. The emergency issues taking place for the reason of the victim does not have their needed medications, also power outages making it hard for them to use their medical equipment. Then they give the people short term housing, also a supply of their medication needed until the incident resolved. The person has to obtain medical treatment quickly as possible, and then the community nurse must use her radio and request for medical transportation to help get the victim to receive the \ attention medically they need. While waiting for the vehicle transport to show up, they will have to handle any medical issues requiring attention at that moment until aid comes for them. Then if the patient loves one are there, and tell them the systematic process of how the situation will be handling in the location of the hospital, they will be in also help give transportation to their loved ones in the hospital. There is an emergency dilemma security information with the name of the housing, also its address will be received arrangements will be made for pickups also checkups on the patient. When a flood takes place, it could be destructive, to all houses, however, their particular insurance companies that will not repair the damages to their property. Following the interview process, they will aid the need for various sources, like assisting to restore also restructure their homes when they are accessible, particular charity associations could help when people do not have specific insurance policies for their home also have no homeowner and insurance. In situations like this, it is hard for many homeowners, dealing with the horrible mayhem of losing their housing to the point where they may require going to therapy because of it. Medical appointment, for treatment deals with this matter as such, will give to the patient. The response team has to handle society the most efficient way to stop the panic among them is to give them information, also details once they obtain anything else on the situation. If society acknowledges people are working on the plan to fix the situation, also grasp that there is not just one person working the issue it will put their mind at ease. Too giving society followed up information on the case, and call about futures issues will as well as make them stress-free. As well providing responses to their question of information, they can tell them as well as their solution they will use to control the situation. Then the anticipated schedule time where the situation is taking care of, also a number use to contact for follow-ups by doing this will help society stay well up to date on the matter and feel secure because of it.
Scenario-base instruction
Every medical staff member, community association also public will be able to aid, within any disaster with just being attainable to work also assist with any crisis. People can sign up to be a member of an emergency response teams at any moment they do not have, to wait for the reply to an emergency. The Phoenix CERT websites give vast amounts of information, about response teams. The response team made up of personnel, of the medical field, people within the community, also public. The age groups can join range from the elderly to underage teen to help Phoenix CERT. “The response teams made up of these volunteers, which they have to do six online sections. That deal with subjects like hazardous objects, the crisis with terrorist attacks, operations which deal with the medical crisis, and fire safety are cert training objects, search as well as rescue operations, also fire safety”(City of Phoenix,2015). When they are finish doing their online training, they will go, to their local community cert team so that they can do classroom training for the two-hour period. The classroom training is complete two times a year, for all new volunteers and veteran volunteers. They do not require them to have expert medical field training is not needed however they wanted if anyone has expert experience, within an emergency response teams also have been verified as being essential for any crisis. Following any of these events of emergency crisis or natural or other disasters a medical nurse will be able to help impacted, by the incident presenting them with aid with their evaluation also knowledge of the medical field, being an expert person in charge, can stay control within a crisis, also critical thinking skills. When they obtain cert training, it will help them learn operations with multiagency inner working also make them alert about biological, also chemical agents during this process as such. While pieces of this distinctive first response unit a person working in the health care field, will be more prepared to handle an irresistible healthcare incident situation Conclusion Nurses, other staff members are needed in any emergency or disaster situation. Theses response teams help make sure society recover from horrifying events. These tactics use to train the units for these developments, with six online modules and two-hour class sessions that prepare them for any situation. Each team member is responsible, for an objective that solves the dilemmas the community is dealing with to keep the public’s minds to at ease. Emergency response teams are vital to the state of Phoenix and towards the rest of society. For the reason, they show how being hands on with the public by response units assisting with medication, shelter, and water consultants. The community health nurses, to do checkups on people within the area of the crisis.

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