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| | 2013 | Business environment Assignment no:1 |
Assignment Title : Business Environment

Learner’s Name : Mohammed Asif Shaffi

Table of Content
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 3 Introduction to Bakery stop 4 Vision 4 Mission statement 4 Company’s objectives 4 Goals 4 Business environment in which Bakery stop operates 5 Stakeholders 7 Internal stakeholders include: 7 External stakeholders include: 7 Managers 8 Employees 8 Suppliers 8 Government 8 Banks 9 Customers 9 Competitors 9 Bakery stop’s new business venture 9 Objectves of new venture 9 Diversification strategy 10 Worldwide luxury goods 11 Choco industry Analysis 11 Chocolate leads the way 11 Chocolate industry opportunities 12 Market share of chocolates 13 Global chocolate industry 13 Chocolate industry expected growth rate 14 Financial prospectus of new venture 15 Pricing strategy 19 Breakeven analysis for Chocolicious 20 Detailed documentation of new venture of Bakery stop 21 Marketing of Chocolicious 21 Ethical responsibilities 22 Social responsibilities 22 Health and safety responsibilities 22 Bibliography 23

I want to thank Mr.Richard and East End College who has supported me in my work and always guided me in any problem. Without this support I would not have been able to do my assignment.

The company which I have selected is

Introduction to Bakery stop
Bakery stop started its operations as a bakery and confectioner shop in 1990 in Lahore. The products include bakery items, mithai, dairy products, beverages, traditional halwas and premium bakery items/beverages etc. This chain of bakers has around 60 outlets nearly all in Lahore selling bakery/confectionary items.

“We are a bakery company with one goal in mind to meet the needs of our customers we focus on our customers…...

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