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The Working Students and Their Academic Performance

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Conceptual Framework
Study habits and academic performance of the working students have attracted increased attention among the university teachers and students with the aim of knowing and understanding the reasons, problems and other factors affecting them. This may empower them for lifelong learning to their journey to success hindered by their busy schedules and always no time to their study and academic performance. In Surigao State College of Technology the study habits and academic performance of working students give any positive and or negative impact on their grades depending on how they cope with it. INPUT PROCESS OUTPUT

Figure 1.The Research Paradigm
The research paradigm illustrates the conceptual framework of the study that shows the relationship of the input, process and output of the topic. This framework embodies the specific direction by which the research will have to be undertaken by describing the relationship between specific variables identified in the study. The input consists of the research method applied in conducting the research regarding the study habits and academic performance of the working students. Qualitative research undertaken to gain insights concerning attitudes, beliefs, motivations and behaviours of individuals to explore a social or human problem and include methods such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, observation research and case studies. The process on the other hand shows how the research being conducted through defining the problem/s of the research first and gather the required data relevant to the research from the respondents through answering the questionnaires. The output as a result, will indicate the general view of the situation on how the behavior and performance of a student relates on their study habit and academic performance. Conclusions are to be made to know and define the outcome of this study and give justification to the research.

Statement of the Problem
This study aims to determine...
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Financial Analysis of Ford and Gm
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Work and College Students: The Impact of Stress

Factors on Academic Performance


This paper examined the effect of both time spent studying and time spent working on academic performance. Stress, Procrastination, Detachment from the University General Self-Efficacy and Social Activity were measured using five scales. The participants for this study include 217 college students enrolled in the Southeastern University in the U.S. During scheduled class period, students were asked to voluntarily complete survey packet consisting for five survey instruments and a background information form. The data was analyzed using a structural equation model. The results show a positive relationship between time spent studying and overall grade point average (OGPA). The number of hours worked per week was also found to be positively related to academic performance. However, stress was found to be negatively related to academic performance. But no significant relationship was found between hours of sleep per night and academic performance. Keywords: stress, academic performance, sleep, OGPA

It is a commonly held view that a positive relationship exists between time spent studying and academic performance. The general expectation is that students who spend plenty of time studying per week will have better grades than those who spend less time studying outside of class. However, it is not always acknowledged that some students may just be naturally gifted and therefore do not require much time studying as their peers. Nonis and Hudson (2006) reported that research is lacking in this area because of the complications of evaluating these relationships in the presence of other variables such as motivation and student ability.

The purpose of this study is to survey the literature and to investigate and confirm factors that influence student academic performance. I began this study by trying to establish the relationship between time...
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Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of Working Students
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Factors Affecting the academic performance of working students

Chapter 1
The financial burden of education fees are rising. Due to the continues increasing price of tuition fees, school fees and other education finances, families tend to face financial crisis particularly on managing the budget of the family income. These includes the budget for food, education, electricity bills and other financial bills. The family is unable manage it all since their income is incapable of affording those bills especially the valuable price on education finances. Considering those facts, students affected by the crisis experience by their family, students will be obliged to work while studying.

Part time job may affect students’ academic performance. Working several hours a day consumes a lot of time and one might too exhausted to study. The main purpose of school life for teenagers is to prepare them for their future. Working while studying will deprive their time of sleep and will do harm to their health. Teenagers are in the process of building up their body. They need time to exercise and engage in other activities, they also need plenty of rest. If they work, they may sacrifice their time for sleep and school activities. On the other hand it can teach them to wisely use and manage their money for they go out into the real world. It helps them to mature and to realize they need a job and an education to succeed in the real world. It also help them to decide what type of business they want to get in the future.

Unmotivated students might neither work for pay nor receive good grades because they put little effort into the labor market or school. In contrast, students uninterested in academic might work long hours that would otherwise have been devoted to leisure. Students might underestimate the link between college and future earnings. Another factor is students who have no...…...

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