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Then Challenges of Being a Non-Traditional Student

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17 February 2014
Then Challenges of being a Non-Traditional Student When graduating high school it is expected that collage is the next step. The longer you wait to start collage the harder the transition. The level of input you have to put into collage is greatly different than that of high school. The studying time has to doubles. The time spent in and out of the classroom has to somehow balance out with the amount of time spent in the work force. Children can be a factor at this point in life, so finding time for them as well is another challenge faced by older students. Never the less balancing the three issues is a hard task that any students older than the age of 20 have to face on a daily basis.
Studying is essential for success in the college. The longer a student has been out of school the harder they have to study to keep up with the lesson and their classmates. When in high school you complete your homework and go on with your day. If you have a large assignment you may have to do some work throughout the weekend. When in collage for every hour spent in the classroom has to be spent outside of the classroom studying. This is a new concept for students to grasp. The longer a student is out of school the harder it is for that student to grasp that concept. College students no matter what the age or how long they have been out of high school; is expected to do most of the work needed for that course outside of the classroom, and be prepared for the next objective when class meets. With a daily routine already in place some older students may find it hard to adjust to studying on a regular basis.
Most routines with older students include work. Once college becomes a factor an older student has to find a way to balance the two. Most colleges now have schedules to accommodate their older students. They offer classes at night and on the…...

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