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Therapeutic Encounter

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Practice & Pharmacological Issues in Mental Health Nursing
By Neil Drummond

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The aim of this essay is to show how I have formed, maintained and disengaged from a therapeutic relationship within a practice setting. This will include a profile of the client from their perspective. For the purpose of this essay, the therapeutic relationship was formed within the community mental health team. Their role is the primary intervention service promoting awareness, growth and helping people to work through difficulties (, 2013). The interventions provided aim to facilitate comfort, support and a provision of care. The client I have chosen to write this essay on is called Angelo. Angelo is a fictitious name created to protect the individual’s right to confidentiality (NHS, 2012, N.M.C, 2008). The interaction was conducted because of a 6 month cognitive enhancer medication (galantamine) review. I will show an understanding of the importance of a therapeutic relationship building and the values that influence the formulation of mental health nursing assessment and care planning (Schultz and Videbeck, 2009). Appendix 1 will show the plan of management including risk and relapse. Appendix 2 will show the individualised Risk Assessment (profile). In my conclusion I will reflect upon my therapeutic encounter and will address the importance of knowledge and qualities needed to form, maintain and disengage from the therapeutic relationship in mental health nursing.

The therapeutic relationship is a term used in therapy which highlights a client’s preferences and the treatment required to successfully accomplish goals (LaRowe, 2004). The focus of the nurse during the therapeutic intervention should be caring and never pull the focus away from their individual needs (Videbeck, 2011). The quality…...

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