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Tpcast of “This Is a Photograph of Me” by Margaret Atwood

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March 11, 2014
TPCAST of “This is a photograph of me” by Margaret Atwood
Title: The title of this poem can mean that this is an autobiography of the author or how she sees herself physically.
Paragraph: It starts with the description of a photo, what it has and what’s visible to see. Then takes a dramatic turn pointing out that she drowned there, in a lake in the middle, and nobody can see her. Talking how the woman are not treated equally as men.
Connotation: It has a deep meaning trying to show how society treats and sees women.
Point of view: First person.
Imagery: The imagery of the setting is important. All of the imagery is about beauty and perfection even when drowning leading that too much perfection is toxic.
Form: Free verse
Symbolism: The entire second stanza is a symbolism representing how society sees men more powerful than women.
Attitude: The tone used in here is peaceful when describing the scenery. The author at the start sounds peaceful and good with herself; actually all throughout the poem she sounds nice but she actually feels shadowed by society. She asks to the reader that please look for her drowning even in all that beauty.
Shifts: I think there’s only one shift in here and it’s when the parenthesis starts and she says “The photograph was taken after I drowned, maybe trying to mock or dramatic.
Title#2: Now the title seems more significant. She explains it that even if she is in the picture, she is not the picture, just a part of it. And then the pictures she describes like it’s perfect but in reality there’s a hidden imperfection in it.
Theme: The overall theme I see in this poem is that no everything is what it seems to…...

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