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True North Finding Your Personal Compass

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After reading Chapter One, it's important to examine your life story and leadership opportunities to this point, with an emphasis on the influences of your early years and instances of your leadership. Discover Your Leadership in Your Life Story

1. During your early years, which people had the greatest impact on you?
A: Growing up, I was mesmerized by my father superior (I am an arm force brat). I was very fascinated by all the honors and respect an army officer got. What I didn’t realized was that my dad was the subject of admiration to other kids in in camp ( I life in military camps through out my childhood) and deep inside I developed the desire at least become the man that my dad was .

2. Starting with your earliest memories, which experiences marked key turning points in your life?
A: When I was about 11 to 12 years old, I came to the realization that a career as fulltime commissioned officer will not be possible due to an accident that let me with limited physical abilities. I then turned my ambition into becoming a scientist that would still be able to serve in the arm force but rather to being in the fighting front, will be in the lab doing research to help the advancement of military research. (This was being a little ambitious given that I am from Cameroon a third world country with no much financial capabilities to really invest in cutting edge technology. But I was a kid and I had dreams).

3. In which experiences did you find the greatest inspiration and passion for your leadership?
A: During my childhood, I saw my dad go through most of the promotions in the armed forces to become a senior officer in the national army. Being a senior officer came with strong leadership roles that often took us around the country having to relocate constantly after couples of years. My leadership hence is drawn mostly from the army discipline I had to…...

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