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EDU 4041; HIS 4030
Unit Plan Format

Assignment: Develop a unit plan using the template below.

Using this form, complete every category, 1 through 7. 1. Subject Area: Grade 4 Social Studies Length of Unit: 14 Days 2. Unit Title: Three Worlds Meet Goals: 1. TLW understand the impact of exploration on European and native societies. 2. TWL know the roles of key individuals and their impact during exploration. 3. TLW understand the location of European settlements in the New World. 4. TLW apply reading comprehension strategies to social studies. Skills: 1. TLW demonstrate map skills. 2. TLW demonstrate collaboration skills. 3. TLW demonstrate reading skills. 4. TLW demonstrate comprehension skills. 5. TLW demonstrate writing skills.

3. Applicable Tennessee Standards: * Explain the cultures of the Western Hemisphere’s native peoples prior to European contact. * Pre-Colonial Native American groups. * Determine how various groups resolve conflict. * Identify Native American groups in Tennessee and the Western Hemisphere before European expansion. * Reasons for European exploration and settlement. * Understand how to use maps, globes, and other geographic representations, tools, and techniques to acquire, process, and report information from a spatial perspective. * Identify routes of explorers of the Americas. * Identify cultural groups who inhabited North America in the 17th century. * Reasons settlements are founded on major river systems. * Read and interpret facts from a historical passage about an early American Spanish mission. * Describe the immediate and long-term impact of Columbus’s voyages on native populations and on colonization in the Americas. * Accomplishments of significant explorers and their impact on…...

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