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Unocal in Myanmar

Unocal is an American oil and gas enterprise that was formed in a joint venture to build a pipeline from Myanmar to Thailand. During the time of the investment many other American companies were exiting the country due to protest caused by local government policy. The company’s agreement to clear a path for the new pipeline was a set deal. The controversy between the two began when Myanmar’s army forced their villagers to work under slave-like conditions. The actions of the company were unethical and while they may have not directly participated in such brutality, Unocal as a company should have taken responsibility to oversee what was going on before it escalated. “Together, value and norms shape the culture of a business organization, and that culture has an important influence on the ethics of business decision making.” (mcgrawhill-136) The Philosophical approach to ethics that I believe would apply to this case would be the Straw Man. With this business ethic there is something called the Friedan Doctrine which states that businesses should behave in an ethical manner and not engage in deception or fraud.(Hill,ch4). Although this doctrine is aimed more towards social responsibilities, they go hand in hand. It is unethical in any condition to treat your employees as slaves and mistreat them. This approach allows the company and the manager to prove that they value their employees. That they care about the treatment given to those that are helping make the company what it is. This being said Myanmar is responsible for the suffering as well as Unocal. Unocal had a moral obligation to make sure how the business was being run. Their failure to raise suspicions on the moral standards of the company has shown that they do not have any cares for their company. They did nothing to investigate wages,…...

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