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Using Examples, Explain How Highly ‘Switched-on’ Areas Become Successful. (15)

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Using examples, explain how highly ‘switched-on’ areas become successful. (15)

Switched on places are nations or cities that are strongly interconnected globally through the production and consumption of goods and services. Some areas have become increasingly ‘switched on’ due to globalisation as they have been integrated into the global economy, more so in the recent decades. These global hubs need not only natural and human resources in order to become successful but the input of internal migration, international migrants and capital and TNC investment.

‘Switched on’ areas are not always wealthy and can have cheap skilled labour. For example, cities in China have much cheaper labour than cities in the EU. This reduces costs and maximises profits for the TNCs that invest in the cities. However, the increase in highly skilled workers is causing a wage inflation. The increase in the number of workers means prolonged spending on health and education provided a healthy literate and skilled workforce. From this, education in the area can increase from the large labour forces. Human resources like the access to secondary education and universities can increase the skilled labour in an area. For example, ‘switched on’ areas in India such as Dehli, believe that the potential and value of India’a eduction sector has attracted the attention of international players. Due to the interconnectivity with other nations, the Indian government feels it is important to create a skilled workforce of 500 million people. It is predicted that 11-13 million Indians will come onto the job market every year for the next 15 years, further helping the Indian megacities and ‘switched on’ areas become even more successful as they will have more skilled workers to help with lacking sectors in the central areas. At the moment, many areas globally have a wide range of languages that are…...

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