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|Organisation |From (Date) |To (Date) |Designation |
|Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd - Pune |July 6, 2011 |March 26, 2014 |Software Engineering Analyst |
| | | | |

| Accenture |
|Creation, Validation, Verification and Execution of Test Cases and Test scenarios in Telecom Domain. |
|Representing Accenture to an Indian client in Mobile billing Solutions for future business prospects, helped in increasing the rapport of Accenture contractors |
|with client. |
|Worked on Automation Testing and Payroll Verification Testing for world’s biggest mining giant. |
|Worked on Microsoft DCRM, single POC for all portals related issues in mobile billing solutions. |
| |
|Received Stellar Award in Accenture for my work on client side, competed my project 3 months before deadline. |
|Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL v3) certified in December 2011 with 87 Percentile. |
|Accenture Solutions Delivery Academy (ASDA) part 1 certification completed (for testers). |


|Year |Degree |Institute |CGPA / Percentage |
|2011 |B. Tech. (Computer Science) |Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan | 71.0 % |
|2007 |XII (CBSE) |R B D A V Senior Sec. Public School, Bhatinda | 73.8 % |
|2005 |X (CBSE) |ST. Xavier's High School, Bhatinda | 81.8 % |


• Single POC for all sporting events of Sports Committee and Deputy Coordinator during 2008, 2009 and 2010 fest in Jaypee University, Solan. • Board member of Rotary club Shimla for the year 2009-2010 during which I organized/managed various events in Himachal under Rotract club. • Took more than 15 Knowledge Transfer session in my project for R2b module. • Active member of Great place to work (GPTW) in Accenture, was involved in organizing team events and parties. • Deputy Head of Entertainment club in Jaypee University, Solan from 2008 to 2011.
|Interned at WMS Software Pvt. Ltd. (Noida) on Issue Tracking System, devised strategy for improvement in the processing and delivery time of the organization. |
|Interned with Capgemini and designed framework to integrate customer satisfaction factors on digital media for Ikea and Nordia |

|1st position in U-16 zonal cricket tournament in 2005. |
|Actively involved in organizing all the sporting events in my college as part of Sports committee for 3 consecutive years. |
|Actively participated/managed many Rotaract fund raising events like Eye Donation Camp and Girl Child Education awareness organized in Himachal Pradesh in 2010 and|
|2011. |
|Active member of Accenture Cooperate Social Responsibility group, Pune from 2011 to 2012. |
|Worked informally for Myntra in evaluating the solution for designing framework to track and analyze customer elements to discover profitable target groups. |

Vikram Arora
M: +91-7798890890


XIMB – Summer Placements 2014…...

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