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MMPU2312 The morality of Ethics
January – March 2015 Semester

Topic: Way to improve moral, Morality and ethics in the society.

Group member
Ooi Tze Ee B1504101010
Kor Haw zhi B1504101017
Lim Chun Khai B1504103005
Leslie Lim Teik B1504102001
Chan Yong Han B1504101001
Low Yan Shen B1504103008

Lecturer: Mr Eric Shaun

Table of content

No. | Contents | Page | 1. | Introduction | 3 | 2. | Definition of morality, ethics and philosophy | 4-5 | 3. | Case Study: GangsterismBullyingExample : | 5-6 | 4. | Factors that cause gangsterism | 7 | 5. | Problem Solving | 8 | 6. | Conclusions | 9 | 7. | References | 10 |

The Morality of Ethics is very important for everyone at everywhere in daily life. We will know about the way to improve morals, morality and ethics in society through this assignment. Moral values can give meaning and purpose to our life. Nowadays, the place that we live has happened a lot of problem and case. These kind of case will happen because of the person who did that lack of morality. With increasing frequency, activities in our society raise the question of what sort of morality is guiding our people. Moral values are internal, social values are external. Morality is pp Without moral norms human society would perish. It is the moral code which controls the individual so that he or she does what the group believes he or she should. So, we need to help other person and improve our morality to decrease the problem case. Like the case study that we do in this assignment is about gengsterism, it is also the case that often happen. Some people do not care whether they live or die and also believe it is their moral duty to bully others, it may not be possible to convince them they are mistaken. Some of the people in our society operate only at the level of conventional morality and do not…...

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