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Assignment - I

Leveraging Web 2.0 to enhance CRM

(In partial fulfilment of the course)
Written Analysis and Communication II (2013-2014)
Prof. Meenakshi Sharma
Academic Associate Mr. Saurabh Shukla

Alok Agrawal
Section - C

13th January, 2013


In today’s digital era, everybody has heard of web 2.0 or social networking websites. These websites provide a two way communication flow and have changed the way people live, learn and work. Web 2.0 provides an opportunity to the business world to overcome the drawbacks of traditional CRM system by integrating with social media. Though there are hurdles and inertia in business world to implement this change, it is necessary to integrate the web 2.0 into CRM and engage customer in the foreground of the decision making process for the sustainable growth and success of the business.
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In today’s digital era, everybody has heard of web 2.0 or social networking websites. These websites, unlike traditional websites, not only provides information to the viewers but also empowers them to generate their own content by posting, commenting and interacting with other viewers. This two way flow of communication led to active participation of users in the social networking websites.
The rapid adoption of Web 2.0 has transformed the way people live, learn and work. It has increased the ability of the people to connect and share information with each other through online communities and forums. The increased online presence of the people on the cyberspace has started influencing the way companies do businesses.
Over the years, managing and strengthening customer relationship has been the fundamental strategy of any organization in the business world. Every organization, being small or large, has implemented a customer…...

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