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Weighted Color and Texture Sample Selection for Image Matting

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Weighted Color and Texture Sample Selection for
Image Matting
The mainstay of the project is a new non-parametric sampling based method is presented that uses texture as an additional feature for the matting task.

Digital matting refers to the accurate extraction of foreground objects from an image here part of the regions in the object could have contributions from the background. This contribution is incorporated into a compositing equation in the form of opacity α of a pixel; the equation expresses the observed color value of a pixel as a convex combination of foreground (F) and background (B) colors. The opacity takes value in the range [0, 1], with 0 indicating that the pixel is from the background and 1 indicating that it is from the foreground. Estimating the digital matte is useful in image and video editing tasks such as background replacement.


Poisson matting, Closed-form matting and Non local matting. The assumptions of large kernels by and local color line of are relaxed in KNN matting using non local principles and K nearest neighbors, SVR Matting, Bayesian Matting, and Robust Matting.

In this paper, a new non-parametric sampling based method is presented that uses texture as an additional feature for the matting task. Our sampling strategy considers both local boundary as well as global samples, where the former implies samples collected from the boundaries of known regions while the latter implies that samples are collected from diverse locations in the image. Local and global candidate sets of F and B samples are collected and a new objective function is formulated that combines color and texture statistics to determine the best samples that represent the true foreground and background of unknown pixels. Finally, the estimated mattes are refined using conventional Laplacian approach.

MODULES: MODULE I Region Selection: Input Image foreground and background region selected by different colors like black and red. Then constant map and constant values are calculated for find alpha matt. The Selected regions are used for find alpha matt with foreground, background, unknown regions.

MODULE II Find Alpha Matt: Local and global candidate sets of F and B samples are collected and a new objective function is formulated that combines color and texture statistics to determine the best samples that represent the true foreground and background of unknown pixels. Finally, the estimated mattes are refined using conventional Laplacian approach

MODULE III Post Processing: The alpha matte obtained by estimating α for each pixel using the best (F, B) pair is further refined to obtain a smooth matte by considering correlation between neighboring pixels. Foreground region extracted from input image perfectly. Our Method uses texture to complement color in extracting accurate mattes in images when foreground and background colors overlap.

System Requirements:



PC, Pentium 4 processor, 1 GB RAM, CPU 3.06 GHz…...

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