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What Specific Arguments Would a Company Want to Try to Use to Convince Employees Not to Unionize?

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1. What specific arguments would a company want to try to use to convince employees not to unionize?

When a company decides to discuss with employees about the effects of unionization pertaining to the employee and the well being of the company, they must be very careful with their words. There are many things that they can discuss, but it should be limited to the direct relation of the employee and the adverse effects of the human resources changes it may require.

First it should be discussed that upon unionization that there will be “Union dues” and possible “initiation fees”. These are the costs of doing business with the union. Union Dues are generally taken every paycheck and with some unions there is an additional monthly fee. Some unions will also enforce employees to pay an additional monthly fee for a “Work Card” so they have proof of valid “up-to-date” membership with the union. It’s also fairly common for Union dues to increase as your rate of pay increases. On average it ends up approximately 1-2% of your months wages. So it’s always good to remember that when you get a raise in the next year of your contract, you will be giving a good portion of the money back to the union hall.

When you sign a contract with the union, your wages will be fixed and your co-workers will have identical wages. All bonus’s will be regulated based on entire collective performance, not individual workmanship. Therefore, the harder you work; will not get you anywhere faster. You will become a collective with all employees and be treated equally. There is no personal favors. If time off work is requested it will have be approved with HR and based on employee seniority.

This leads to the issues regarding employee promotions. Within a union environment, employees are promoted on a seniority basis. Job opportunity’s may arise on company work portals, but…...

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