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Women Today, Tomorrow and the Future

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Women Today, Tomorrow and the Future
Society has many imperfections. It oppresses people and causes them to think only in the ways it approves of. Society causes generalizations to become into a reality. In Night to His Day: The Social Construction of Gender, Respected Scholar, Judith Lorber discusses the importance society places on the issue of gender. She talks about how society contributes to assigning gender. Society sets guidelines from what we should expect from women. People are not objects with roles and should not be chosen by another gender or by society. Respected author Alan Johnson believes in the same thing but concentrates on the idea of personal identity and fulfillment in regards to race and gender roles in his book, Privilege, Power & Difference. The advertising world is one of the reasons why women base their role on what they want to be in life and how they are portrayed in society. The commercials like the DiGiorno Pizza and Burger King “It Will Blow Your Mind Away” show how women in society are viewed in an entirely different perspective by the advertising world. Women should not be considered in a passive role, and should possess the ability to go out and take charge of their lives, otherwise society will continue to believe are only good for certain trivial functions.
In the DiGiorno commercial, both genders are stereotyped into traditional gender roles as the men are seen relaxing outside while viewing sports and the woman is seen heading in her home with two large grocery bags. The men decide to order a pizza but the main male character decided to call his spouse instead to demand her to make him a pizza the way he likes it. She replies, “you know I hate when you do this” as if this an everyday occurrence between the two of them. He then demands her to make the pizza quickly. As the man, he wanted to make sure he had control over the…...

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