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World War Two 1942- 1943

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World War II in 1942 and 1943 Adolf Hitler and his faithful “true believers”; the Nazi party’s, idea of complete totalitarianism was in full effect during the years of 1942 and 1943. As Doris Bergen discussed in her book War and Genocide, World War II is usually not defined as the war itself, but the annihilation of the people Nazis considered their enemies above all the Jewish people. However without the military conquest of the Hitler and his Nazi party, which gave them the ability to reach the 95 percent of the Jews outside of Germany, was handed to them on a plate through their victories in war (172). These years of relentlessness killing however would eventually lead directly to the downfall of Adolf Hitler, his Nazi Party and bring about the end of World War II. Hitler’s inability to focus more on the war itself than the “Jewish problem” led him to lose control of Europe, through the battle of Stalingrad and his production of killing in the new killing centers. Prior to 1942 it seemed the defeat of the ever-powerful Germany was impossible, in 1944 though it seemed it was inevitable as the Allies and the Red Army pressured Germany from all sides. Before the German lose of World War II, The Nazi party was literally a killing machine. The special murder squads in 1941 that would first make people dig their own graves in which they would be shot into was now too traumatizing and insufficient for the Nazi armies (156). In response to this their most important advancement in the years of 1942 and 1943 was the effective and horrifying use of killing centers. Evolved from the T-4 program that granted mentally and physically handicap patients “…a mercy death” through gas chambers (130). Unlike the previous concentration and labor camp, these killing centers had one purpose; to kill the most amount of “undesirables” such as the Jews, Gypsies, handicap, homosexuals…...

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