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Master plan

What body system/s does the virus attack?
Would it have a different effect on Ancients?
How can/does it spread, exactly?
Where did it originate?
How long can it last outside of a host’s body?
Does it effect animals other than humans?
Is this virus related to the one that killed off a large chunk of the Cetra population?
Now, what did you say the symptoms were again?
What is this virus called?

Worldwide spread of plague, total annihilation
Bad because no more people equals no more RP
Good because death and destruction are fun.
Possibility: Unlikely

A few more characters are introduced, claiming they’re scientists. They go to ShinRa, offering the cure. They turn out to be part of a vast colony of hidden Cetra, the likes of which have never been seen before.
Possibility: Possible

The plague spreads planetwide until a cure is developed or other forces step in
Possibility: Almost certain

Tace, Meus, and Laeta, (DNA possibly affected by virus) reappear, vowing their revenge on Lacri/Selen and Risus for abandoning them
Possibility: Good

Risus dies, but Lacri survives (If Tace, Meus and Laeta are effected, then Lacri gets the effect twice as badly.)
Possibility: Good

Mina gets sick, tries to hide it, and ends up almost dying before someone, preferably Lisone, cures her
Cons: Lame
Possibility: Maybe

Virus is cured before Lacri and Risus’ death. Risus returns to Midgar looking for the children, leaving Lacri behind in Rocket Town. Lacri does bad job concealing her true identity. Mina gets angry at Lacri for abandoning her and Daniel and storms away or gets in a fight with Lacri. Mina may later take up sides with Meus, Tace, and Laeta.
Possibility: Maybe

Goals: Dramatic intro of Lacri, not to get Lacri killed right away, to be evil and have fun
Secondary goals: introducing and keeping alive Risus, Meus, Tace, and Laeta; to plot something involving everyone and to carry it through successfully, to be innovative!…...

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