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Discuss xenophobia in South Africa as a hate crime and its effects on the victims who experience the consequences thereof.









Definition of Hate Crime


Definition of Xenophobia



Hate Crime in South Africa



Xenophobia in South Africa



Effects on the Victims of Xenophobia



Individual Effects



Societal Effects



Secondary Victimisation






List of References/ Bibliography




South Africa has been praised for its peaceful and swift transformation to becoming an open society, founded on democratic values and a constitution that insures principles of human dignity, freedom, equality, and social justice. Regardless of policy and legislative guarantees for fundamental human rights, crime and violence are widespread. Incidents of hate speech, xenophobia and victimisation are on the rise, most recently being the outbreak of attacks against foreign nationals in informal settlements in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

South Africa has a long history of prejudice and discrimination. One of the main legacies of apartheid is that of intolerance towards „difference‟ - be it in terms of race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation or other causes.

South Africa has to deal with the prejudice of the past or adopt new measures to address it. Because of South Africa‟s high crime levels, hate crimes tend to be considered as merely „criminal‟ incidents. This method of dealing with types of crime does not identify the damage such prejudice-related violence has on the victims, as well as the victim‟s broader community. Social unity is undermined and there is a lack of protection against crimes motivated by discrimination and prejudice.…...

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