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Yazmat’s Guide to COC Botting.

Requirements: PC with Bluestacks installed. ( )

: Bluestacks is an Android emulator for PC. Download COC on bluestacks after installing it.

Step 1: Go to this website and download autoit then install. (just click next next until you finish setup)

Step 2: Download the latest bot here (Although I already sent version 5.7.2 to your email)

(Please create an account to download from the forums)

Latest bot as of March 13, 2015 is 5.7.2

Step 3: Make sure bluestacks is closed even from the tray (Tray is the lower right corner of your PC where minimized apps are stored) then run 820*720 from your bot folder. Just press enter after highlighting it to run.

Step 4: Open COC Bot

Things you need to know after opening BOT

-Open COC from Bluestacks. You will notice that Bluestacks got smaller.

-VERY IMPORTANT: Please zoom out clash of clans by pressing arrow down. Keep pressing arrow down until you can’t zoom it out anymore.

General Tab

-Set the max number of trophy you want for your bot. This is good to maintain the farming league of your bot. It will automatically drop your trophy if your current is higher than settings. (I personally prefer the 1400 league because mostly they are TH8 which is good for my barchers BOT troops)

Search Tab

-Set the max number of loot for your bot to search then check MEET GOLD AND ELIXIR.

-Set the max lvl of TH to 10. (there are also th10 dead base or Rushed TH 10 so that explains it)

-Make sure Background mode and force active is check. (don’t ask why just do it)

(The image below is from my settings and you have your freewill to change it based on your preference)


Attack Tab

-Attack model: Please select all bases that meets search

-Deploy settings: Choose what you want but I prefer the attack on single side and penetrate through base

-Other settings: Use barracks

Royals: Your choice

Donate tab

-This is the auto request and auto donate settings.

-Check REQUEST FOR and your message for requesting

-Please limit the keywords to “archers” “arch” “any” for donating archers or barbarians. Sometimes bot do malfunction and accidentally donate archers to GOLEM WITCH ETC request so I advise to turn off auto donate during clan wars to avoid pissed off clan mates.

-At this point please make sure everything is zoomed out

- click LOCATE CLAN CASTLE MANUALLY then follow instructions. (usually it will be click Next then click your clan castle on coc bluestacks)

Troops tab:


(again coc should be zoomed out before locating)

-Actually im too tired to explain anything from this point, just copy my settings below and you are good to go.

-Press start BOT and enjoy!!!


-You can also vary your troops aside from barch but eventually you will still get back to barch.

-You can use your bot to just “SEARCH” so that you can manually do the attacking if you are not satisfied with its performance. Search of course is located on the search tab.

-If you receive any errors or BOT not functioning, I’m sorry but can’t help you with that. I only know how to set it up and troubleshooting it is another issue so that’s it.

- Im sleepy and tired so if you have questions just pm me. Enjoy botting and happy clashing.…...

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