P1 Business

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    Unit 18 Managing a Business Event P1

    Unit 18 Managing a Business event P1 Role of the event organiser The role of event organiser is different depending on the organisation and the kind of event involved. Activities normally include: ▪ Investigating into markets to identify opportunities for events; ▪ speaking with clients to understand their precise event requirements; ▪ producing detailed ideas for events (e.g. venues, suppliers, legal obligations, timelines, staffing and budgets) ▪ Organising a budget with the client

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    P1 - Unit 3 Business

    quality products and have been selling their products worldwide. Marks and Spencer is a leading high street retail business which as Mattel is the largest toy business. Overview of Marks and Spencer Marks and Spencer also known as M&S is a successful global retail business, it has over 21 million people visiting their store every week as they report on their website. Even though the Business sells clothes, it is also famously known for selling home products and high quality food. Marks and Spencer has

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    Business and Finance Unit 3 P1

    outline the techniques used within both business’s. The companies I will be choosing will be Virgin from the private sector and the NHS from the public sector. Growth strategies The Ansoff Growth matrix is another marketing planning tool that helps a business determine its product and market growth strategy. Virgin have used growth strategies such as ansoffs matrix as they have concentrated hugely on market penetration because they are very competitive with prices, sales promotions and advertise to existing

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    Btec Business Level 3 Unit 1 P1

    Name: Arsalan Anwar Business level 3 Unit 1: P1 Introduction: In this assignment I will be selecting two contrasting business which are going to be Tesco and Oxfam. I will be writing a written report describing their purposes and ownership, to do this I’ll talk about what goods and services they offer and to whom they offer these to. Finally I’ll talk about where they operate and which industrial sector of the economy they operate in.

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    P1 Business Communications

    Different Types of Business Information, Their Sources and Purposes Business information comes from a wide variety of sources and an effective business person will research information from a range of sources before making decisions. Business information is one of the three main segments of the information industry. The other two segments are scientific, technical and medical, and educational and training content. Verbal information is literally face to face which is seen as the best way to communicate

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    Btec Business Level 3 Unit 4 P1

    P1 – Describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected organisation. A brief introduction to Tesco. Tesco PLC is a global grocery and general retailer and is the largest retailer in Britain. Worldwide, there are around 5380 stores. Measured by revenues, Tesco is the third largest retailer in the world, after Wal-Mart and Carrefour and in terms of profit, Tesco is the second largest retailer in the world, after Wal-Mart. Tesco is also the biggest private sector employer in the UK, with

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    P1 Unit 2 Business Dimploma Btec

    P1: Describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected organisation. If JDSport are looking to recruit workers to be behind the till and on the shop floor,. 1. they will advertise the job role, they can do this in many ways nowadays. 2. They can advertise the vacancy in a newspaper, 3. posters, 4. website, 5. web adverts. As the job role does not require very skilled and qualified people. The recruitment process will be a lot faster. When JD Sport advertise the vacancy they

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    Unit 39 P1 International Business

    been asked to explain the international business environment in which a selected organisation operates. The selected business I have chosen is Tesco. What is international business? International business is a term used to describe any business transaction between two or more regions or countries. Many businesses operate internationally to attract more custom and expand their organisations to increase the income the business is taking. International business can include importing and exporting

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    Unit 2 Business Organisations P1 and P2 Helpsheet

    P1 – Define Aims and Objectives Introduction: Businesses set aims and objectives which they would like to achieve. For this task I will define what is meant by the aims and objectives of businesses in different sectors. Mission Statement: • Many organisations have a mission statement. A mission statement is… • The wording may be different depending on the sector. For example in the private sector… • In the public sector… • In the not-for-profit sector… (Use examples of

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    Business Level 3 Unit 4 P1

    Explain the different types of business information, their sources and purposes Communication is something which a business will use in order to help with the overall running of a business. There are different types of information used within many businesses and organisations which are then communicated. The different types of information can be communicated Verbally, Written, On Screen, Multimedia and Web-based. Verbal Information involves through the use of a telephone call, face to face or

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    Business Environement P1

    To: Mr Finean From: Eliza Davenport Date: 30/09/13 “Business environment refers to different internal and external forces or surroundings that affect business operations.” – The Business Dictionary Task 1 - Pass 1 Marks and Spencer Mark and spencer’s is an international Pubic Limited Company (PLC.) Its headquarters are in the city of Westminster, London. With 703 stores in the United Kingdom and 361 other stores spread across 40 countries this Company is international. The company began on 28th

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    P1 Business Enviroment

    aims and objectives. Stake holders are people who are interested in the business and use the goods or services, for example the stake holders such as customers use the services of the Metropolitan police and the customers that are interested in apples inc products are the people who purchases it and use it for their own personal use. Metropolitan Police Stake holders Descriptions (what it is) How they affect the business (influence) Government Metropolitan police work under the government services

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    P1 Unit 2 Business Level 3

    P1- Describe the type of ownership, purpose and ownership of two contrasting Businesses |Key Content: | |Range of different businesses: local; national; international; global; public; private; not-for-profit/voluntary; sectors of business activity (primary, | |secondary and tertiary)

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    Unit 2 Level 3 Business P1

    worldwide and employs over 500,000. As they are such a large employer, Tesco’s employs people to do different job roles, such as: * Administration * Apprenticeship * Audit * Business Analyst * Business Development * Buying/Sourcing * Communications * Customer Services * Design * Distribution – Colleagues * Distribution – Management * Driver * Engineering * Finance * Graduate * Health and Safety *

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    P1 - Business

    Unit 4- P1 Types of Information used by Biddenham Upper School Verbal - The sharing of information between individuals by using speech. Individuals working within a business need to effectively use verbal communication that employs readily understood spoken words, as well as ensuring that the enunciation, stress and tone of voice with which the words are expressed is appropriate. There are many types of verbal communication, for example; telephone and face-to-face. Telephone communication happens

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    Business Level 3 Unit 19 P1 and P3

    Unit 19 Developing Teams in Business Assignment 1: P1 & P3 Different types of teams What is a Team? A team is individuals whom are moulded into a group who work together to achieve an objective or task. Team Recruitment Recruiting the right team members is the key to the success of your team. When the leaders of any group recruit new members, there are a number of skills, qualities needed as well as a process that each member has to go through in order for them to be an successful

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    Unit 1 P1 Btec Business

    major British retailer which was founded in 1884 and operates 766 owned and franchised stores in the United Kingdom; and 418 owned and franchised stores in 51 territories in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. Type of business M&S is an international business because it is located in various other countries with the United Kingdom and 418 owned and franchised stores in 51 territories in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. M&S is in the private sector organisation because

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    Btec Business Level 3 Unit 4 P1

    | Method | Internal or External | Primary or Secondary | Qualitative or Quantitative | Verbal | Focus Group.A business such as Tesco would use a focus group to conduct research and find out customer feedback on new products they might want to introduce. | The focus group would be external because the group would consist of people not employed by Tesco its self. | A focus group would be primary because it is conducted by them and collected for one specific purpose. | Using focus group information

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    The Business Enviroment Unit 1 P1

    The Business Environment In this assignment I am going to be explaining how the style of organisation fulfil their purposes, I am going to do this by defining the different business terms and how this affects the Business. Business environment Gross profit is the difference between revenue and the cost of making a product or providing a service, before deducting overhead, payroll, taxation, and interest payments.Net profit is the sales and revenue made over the net on the online database on how

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    P1 Describe the Type of Business, Purpose and Ownership

    control over a business/organisation and being able to dictate its functioning and operations. These businesses or organisations can be split into two main sectors either the public or the private sector. The public sector consists of non-profitable businesses/organisations such as charities. However, the private sector consists of profitable business/organisations in various forms such as sole traders, partnerships, franchises, private limited and public limited. Types of business in the Public

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    P1 - Business Resources - Unit 2

    Task 1: (P1) Describe the Recruitment and Documentation used in selected organisation. The organisation I have chosen to research is Haringey Sixth Form Centre. Haringey Caters to 16-19 year olds who have left secondary school or have switched sixth forms/colleges to continue their studies. Haringey provides several courses like; Business and ICT, Creative Media and Performing Arts, Entry and Foundation Studies, Humanities, Social Sciences, Languages and Public Services, Maths, Science, Sport and

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    P1 Business and the Enviroment

    meet in some of their meat products. Another factor is tax and in the last seven years, Iceland has paid over £500 million in tax which Malcom Walker says is a good return but Walker said that the government still try and ‘snuff the fun’ out of business by taxing as a benefit. Another social factor was the customers and who might be more likely to buy the frozen food products. With this in mind, they advertised the products at Iceland to be good value to mums with children and they used the slogan

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    P1 Unit 2 Business Studies

    P1: Assignment 1 In this assignment I will draw up a number of key documents required for the recruitment of a Finance Manager position in order to establish the correct documentation required in the recruitment process, which will then be adopted for all employment opportunities in Elite Management. I will also include the description of the recruitment documentation used in Elite Management. The position I have chosen to look into is that of the Finance Manager for Elite Management. In order

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    Business Level 3 Unit 1 P1

    P1: Describe the main reason of accounting within an organization The purpose of accounting in Sainsbury’s it to record financial transactions, actual or planned. By using the figures given you can produce financial information. Here are some reasons why accounting in a business is important. Recording transactions is important for Sainsbury’s because by keeping up to date records this will allow them to have a smooth running business. Monitoring activity is important for Sainsbury’s because

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    Btec Business Level 3 Unit 4 P1

    Explain different types of business information, their sources and purposes. (P1) Type of business information | The source of information - Internal and External | The purpose of the information | Audience requirements | Advantages | Disadvantages | Source | Verbal | Telephone | With an employee and a boss | The participants need to pay even more attention | Can ask questions immediately instead of waiting for a reply | Misunderstandings can arise because of poor word choice, differing

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    P1 Explain Different Types of Business Information, Their Sources and Purposes

    Task 1 (P1) To answer this task you will therefore need to interview the manager of a local business. This could be a firm that you work for, a shop that you visit regularly or even a family business. Your interview should find out the following: • The types of information they use with examples • The sources from which they get information • The purposes to which they put the information Different Types of information There is a different and wide variety of ways information can be used

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    Business Btec Level 2 Unit 19 - P1

    order to make sure that a business is going to be working correctly in order for it to make money. All these things should be considered and reviewed regularly to ensure it’s running as smooth as it can be. The main thing that makes a company work is to have effective teams in place to make sure that all the work is being done and that they are being collaborative when working together. Within Xtrac there are many elements that are key in order to make sure that the business can function and this

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    Business P1 Unit 1

    P1: describe the The marketing mix- 4 p’s – product or service offered by a business The promotional mix – 7 p’s looks at the promotions a business uses for a product. Coke is targeting individuals as they have put name on the bottles and to try and persuade you to buy it because it has your name on it. McDonald’s- save4 menu- showing that there is something there for everybody. When did both campaigns run- Coca cola- 2012 during the summer –the Olympics. McDonald’s 2012 The

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    P1 the Business Organisation

    Business Organisations Public Limited Company * A public limited company is the largest type of business. These companies end their names with plc, the shares are usually traded on the stock exchange and can be owned by members of the public and institutional investors such as large banks and insurance companies. This type of business can raise a large amount of money by selling shares and use this to expand or develop the enterprise. All shareholders have limited liability. Limited liability

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    Business Unit 3 P1

    unit 3 p1 Tumblr Tumblr is a popular social media site that offers users the chance to create and run their own blog. It was globally branded by a trademark “T” for Tumblr. It competes with the likes of twitter, Facebook and Instagram on the global market. Since it formed on 2007; it hosts over 225.1 million blogs. In order to achieve this Tumblr has used marketing techniques such as branding and market relationship. Tumblr aims to provide a service that allows users to post multimedia and other

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    Business L2 Unit 2 P1

    Unit 2 P1 Aims are broad statements of desired outcomes, or the general intentions of the research, which 'paint a picture' of your research project. They emphasize what is to be accomplished (not how it is to be accomplished). They address the long-term project outcomes, i.e. they should reflect the aspirations and expectations of the research topic. Once aims have been established, the next task is to formulate the objectives. Generally, a project should have no more than two or three aims statements

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    P1 M1 Unit 4 Business

    4 – Business Communication Introduction: In this assignment I am going to explain different types of business information, their sources and purposes and analyse different types of business information and their sources. Verbal information: Verbal information is given from one person to another by speaking; this can be done in interviews face to face and interviews over the phone. Tesco will have an internal human resource department where they would hire new staff to work for the business, or

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    Unit 2 Business Resources P1/M1

    as; • Compensation • Hiring • performance management • organization development • safety • wellness • benefits • employee motivation • communication • administration • training. Physical resource: These are the resources that he business needs to maintain in order to carry out its activities. They include thing such as: • Buildings • Facilities • Plant • Machinery • Management of physical resources involves planning • Maintenance • Refurbishments • Insurance • Security

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    P1 Btec Business

    My Task – P1 Scenario –I Barry Andrews work as a junior journalist for the local newspaper which is planning to run a feature article on businesses. Tesco: Jack Cohen was reluctant to go back to tailoring after the First World War. This is when he started selling stuff on market stalls. In 1919, Jack Cohen started selling surplus groceries from a market stall in the east end of London. He then owned a number of stalls which at first were ran by his family but after time he gradually employed non-family

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    Business Unit 1 P1

    will be talking about key stakeholders who influence the purposes of two businesses, the business I have chosen are Tesco and Asda. Also I will be talking about the interest of owners, customers, suppliers, employees, trade unions and shareholders have in the businesses. Another point I will be talking about is why business have to consider local communities and pressure groups when operating their business. Tesco and Asda key Stakeholders are; Customers: Customers want good quality products and

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    P1/M1 - Explain and Analyse Different Types of Business Information, Their Source and Purposes.

    P1/M1 - Explain and analyse different types of business information, their source and purposes. Task 1 Verbal This is a use of sounds and words to express yourself, which includes the use of gestures or mannerisms. Advantages & disadvantages An advantage of why verbal communication would be beneficial during an meeting with Apple would be so that all of the information given out is broken down a lot easier making it easier to understand what is being said to the individual therefore

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    Unit 4 Business Communication P1

    Communication Verbal Information – The sharing of information between two or more individuals by using speech. It is important for a business to use verbal communication in their work place as they would need to communicate with customers etc. Verbal communication is important throughout a business as it is used in all businesses and all sectors of a business. Workers using verbal communication must ensure that they are using the correct tone of voice and talking in a professional manor while in

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    P1 Business

    up his own manufacturing plant. “I liked living on the edge,” he says. “All those years that my house was in hock to the bank… I liked the danger, the idea that everything depended on getting that next product right in every way.” By 1996 the business was growing rapidly and he needed to consider new management strategies. “I had to bring in outside talent in a major way,” he says. “I didn’t enjoy being CEO that much. At an operational level, that became an enormous job, too big for me. I’ve never

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    Business Btec Level 3 Unit 1 - P1

    Unit 1 - P1 Table 1 Types Of Ownership: | Definition: | Example: | Sole Traders | A sole trader business is owned and controlled by one person and the most common type of business. | Window CleaningPlumbing Electrical Work | Partnerships | A partnership is usually formed by signing a Deed of Partnership (which sets out how profits will be shared and the different responsibilities and payments to partners) with the paperwork being supervised by a solicitor. | Medical PracticeDental PracticeAccountantsSolicitors

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    Investigating Business Resources P1

    Buildings and Facilities - The business I am focusing on is Tesco in Chepstow. It is a superstore and consists of one building for the actual store and one building for the petrol station. The large car park has disabled parking and mother and baby parking closer to the doors so there is accessibility for everyone. Also there is recycling bins at the bottom of the car park. Inside the superstore there is a grocery collection point, direct collection point, clothing collection point, direct order

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    Btec Business Level 3 Unit 3 P1 M1 D1

    P1 Marketing is perhaps the most important activity in a business because it has a direct effect on profitability and sales. Larger businesses will dedicate specific staff and departments for the purpose of marketing. It is important to realise that marketing cannot be carried out in isolation from the rest of the business. For example, the marketing section of a business needs to work closely with operations, research and development, finance and human resources to check their plans are possible

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    B Tec Business Level 3 Unit 4 P1

    Enterprise Rent-A-Car P1: Explain different type of business information, their sources and purpose. Type of information | Description | Example | Purpose | Source | Verbal | Verbal communication is when you talk to a person face to face, on telephone or other media. | Having meeting with the employees about improving the customer service at Rent-A-Car. | The purpose is that to give the employees information for future development of customers service and get their point of view on customers

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    Business Btec Level 3 Unit 2 P1

    Unit 2 The selected organisation is Asda. Asda is one of the world’s most well-known and valuable brands and commands a leading market share in the world’s supermarket business. Asda produces food and general household products and it also has a cafeteria McCafe which produces hot drinks, sweets and snacks. The restaurant employs about 130 people. Its structure is a tall hierarchal structure. On top you find the Head Office which consists of the owner of Asda and the board of directors, after

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    Business Btec Unit 2 P1

    Unit 2 P1 & P2 For this assignment I will be describing the recruitment documentation used in ASDA. I will be talking about the employability, personal and communication skills required when applying for a specific role. Every organisation has different recruitment documentations and I will outline which documentations will be cost effective for a business. And I will also explain the different skills needed for different jobs. Job Description I have searched online for a job suitable for

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    Unit 4 Business Communication P1&M1

    Unit 4 Business Communication (P1/M1) by Renee Baafi-Owusu To: Paul Barker From: Renee Baafi-Owusu RE: OO/PJB/Unit 4/P1/M1 Date: 25/09/15 Explain different types of business information, their source and purpose (P1) What is communication? It is transferring information from one part of a business to another which leads to some outcome, change of behaviour. Formal communication is an agreed procedure, whereas informal communication is a causal way of sharing information to each other. There

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    P1 Business Unit 4

    | Business Communications: Unit 4 | Explain the different types of business information, their sources and purposes. | Phillips.Kieran | TYPE OF INFORMATION | Definition | SOURCE | PURPOSE | VERBAL | Usually is face to face or via the telephone. | A meeting between the board members talking about the company’s products and whether they need any improvements for the future and for the possibility of increasing sales. | This can be used by both companies to be able to go through their

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    Business Unit 1 P1 + P2

    Assignment 1 – P1 The job that I have chosen for my assignment is the position for Temporary Business Manager in South Morningside Primary School. Job Advert – A job advert is the advertisement of recruitment for a job to attract suitable candidates/applicants for a job. The purpose of a job advert is to try and locate the perfect candidate or applicant for the job that has been advertised. An example of a job advert is shown below; the business I have chosen from the two adverts shown is the

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    P1 Unit 1 Business

    types of business ownership and the sector which it operates in, the size, the scale, the size of the industry, the liabilities it has and the advantages and disadvantages of the business ownership. Type of Business Ownership and Business Sector | Snac Attack | Cameron Blake Chartered Accountants | Sole Trader- A sole trader is a business which is owned by one person. The owner can employ others but they are their responsibility.A sole trader operates in the private sector. | Business Purpose

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    P1- Business

    P1- Describe the internal and external factors to consider when planning the human resource requirements of an organisation M1 explain why human resource planning is important to an organisation Internal planning factors: The internal planning factors are what influences the organisation in what is already happening inside the organisation which include the skill requirements, organisational needs and workforce planning. Organisational needs: This is having all the correct roles filled within

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    Btec Business Unit 1 P1

    for and supply Tesco supermarkets. Out of the 500,000+ people working for the company internationally, over 310,000 work in the 3,378 UK stores. Their profit gain before tax is £2.3 billion. Internationally, there are exactly 6,784 stores, with the business making £70.9 billion group sale. Tesco compete against a wide range of supermarkets such as, Morrison’s, Sainsbury, Co-Operative, Aldi, Lidl and Waitrose, ASDA. They compete with them for customers to purchase their product for a fair price however

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