Pacific Oil Case Study Negotiation

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    Oil Tankers Case

    Differentiation: Generic Technological Change: Slow (Long Product Life Cycle) Product/ Service Technology: High Switching Costs Location: Global Product Life cycle: Maturity stage. The maturity stage is identifies in the mass distribution of crude oil, less product differentiation, overcapacity, lower labor skills in developed countries, & the increasing stability of manufacturing process. General information related to Value Chain * A firm is profitable if the value it commands exceeds

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    Pacific Oil

    Pacific Oil Company MGT470-2: Conflict Management and Negotiation Vimarie J. Negron, MBA September 23, 2012 Professor Susan Weese As part of this assignment I will discuss the negotiation between Pacific Oil Company and Reliant Chemical Company in early 1985. Negotiation is a process by which two or more parties attempt to resolve the opposing interests (Lewicki, 2011). This scenario is about the problems Pacific Oil Company faced as it reopened negotiations with Reliant Chemical Company

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    Standard Oil Case Analysis

    John D. Rockefeller and the Standard Oil Trust – Stakeholder Analyses There were many stakeholders in the Standard Oil Trust case: John D. Rockefeller himself – the largest and most influential shareholder of Standard Oil, his bank lenders who he borrowed from to help expand his refineries, his employees – particularly his inner circle of managers and high-level committees that helped him control business operations in the several different companies within the trust, the railroads, their consumers

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    Negotiation Skills Case

    Negotiation Skills Prior to the course, you are required to compile a one to two page self-reflection on yourselves as negotiators, describing a negotiation in which you were involved prior to commencing the MBA. In summer 2012 I was concerned about collecting enough money to cover all my MBA expenses (tuition fee + accommodation+ food+ travelling etc.) I did not want to take a bank loan because I was reluctant to experience the burden of interest expenses for many years. The majority

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    Google and the Government of China: a Case Study in Cross-Cultural Negotiations

    team had been briefed on Chinese culture throughout the past two weeks by a special consultant retained for the negotiations. They had also been provided with an executive summary of press coverage on China and China’s most recent policy announcements regarding the Internet. The flight across the Pacific would give the executives valuable time to prepare for the negotiations concerning the acquisition of a Chinese domain name for Google and to reflect on just how far the company had come

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    Negotiation Skills-Case Study 1

    December 1, 2012 HRM 594-60124 Negotiation Skills Keller Graduate School of Management Cast Study 1: Capital Mortgage Insurance Corporation In any good negotiation, it is important that the Capital Mortgage Insurance Corporation (CMIC) and Corporate Transfer Services (CTS) understand the issue and must come into the negotiation with a clear idea of what the conflict is and what they would like to gain from it. Both companies should present their side of the case. The dilemma is the president

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    Term Case: Palm Oil Piracy

    ACC 4291 INTEGRATED CASE STUDY TERM CASE THE PIRATES OF THE SILVERLAND (PALM OIL PIRACY) NAME: RAJA SITI AFIQAH BINTI RAJA AZMI MATRIC NO: 0826174 LECTURER: PROF. SHAMSUL NAHAR SECTION: 2 DATE SUBMITTED: 26th NOVEMBER 2012 SUMMARY OF THE CASE Established in 2002 in Taiping, Perak, Palm Haul Sdn Bhd (PHSB) was a small and medium sized enterprise in the Crude Palm Oil (CPO) transportation business. PHSB was managed by En. Rossly, the Chief Executive Officer which is also the

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    Negotiations Case Study

    Negotiations Frasier case A. Who are the parties in the Frasier negotiation and what are their interests? (Viacom, CBS, Paramount, Kelsey) – (NBC, NBC West Coast ((Graboff)), ABC) The parties involved in the Frasier negotiations consist of NBC, Paramount, and actor Kelsey Grammar. Paramount and Kelsey had personal interest to extend the show 3 years. Kelsey Grammar wanted to rank in history as being an actor with having the record for the longest-running primetime television character

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    Strategy Case Studies

    inefficiencies of - Chaebol system of management, possible clash of its cargo business with its own shipping company, limited focus on the domestic market and growing competition from LCCs. How would Korean Air manage growth as a family-owned conglomerate? The case offers enriching scope for analysing a family business’s turnaround strategies, with all the legacy costs involved. Pedagogical Objectives • To discuss the (operational) dynamics of Korean Chaebols - their influence/ effects on the country’s industrial

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    Effective Training: a Case Study from the Oil & Gas Industry

    Improving Performance in the Workplace Effective Training: A Case Study from the Oil & Gas Industry 1. Provide a summary of the who, what, and why of the case. This is a case study of the Oil & Gas Industry (O&G) and the safety measures and evaluations they employ. Throughout this case study, it was determined that the main focus was the safety of the inexperienced workers (roughnecks and worms) and drivers of the rigs. Although everyone in the industry may require some sort of safety training

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    The Mumbai Job - a Strategy Negotiation & Conflict Management Case Study

    SNCM Case: The Mumbai Job It was a cloudy day in Bangalore when I got the email. The weather was cool and pleasant and I had just finished my lunch. The email changed the complacence and deep satisfaction in my mind. The mail was sent via the most popular online professional network which had become the most used website by headhunters and job hunters. September 2010 was not exactly the peak hiring season as the global economy was still showing no signs of recovery from the recession; and I was

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    Indian Oil Case Study

    export demand of high growth centres in South East Asia. Under the pricing & subsidisation policy, domestic consumers were being protected from rising crude oil prices with an incomplete pass through. However, an expert committee under the Chairmanship of Dr. Kirit Parikh recommended the complete decontrol of MS & HSD prices and replacement of oil bonds by cash subsidy for under recoveries on LPG & SKO. The Government of India decided, on 25th June 2010, that the pricing of MS & HSD both at the refinery

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    Case Studies

    BACKGROUND OF STUDY Inventories are the key resource in an industrial enterprise since NO production is possible without inventories. Inventories also form a major constituent of the cost of the product and therefore proper control over their procurement, storage, issue, movement and consumption is necessary. Before going further it is necessary to define what does inventory mean? Inventories are Assets: a) Held for sale in the ordinary course of business. b) In the process for

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    Case About Oil

    PACIFIC OIL COMPANY (A)* წყნარი ოკეანის ნავთობის კომპანია. (ა) “მომისმინე, შენ მთხოვე რჩევა და მეც გირჩიე,”- ფრენკ კელსიმ თქვა. ”შენს ადგილზე რომ ვყოფილიყავი, მეტს აღარ დავთმობდი! ვფიქრობ, რომ არ უნდა დათანხმდე მათ ბოლო მოთხოვნას! მაგრამ ხელშეკრულების დადება შენი მოვალეობაა და არა ჩემი!” ტრანსატლანტიკური სატელეფონო ზარის შეფერხებების გამო ჟან ფონტეინის პასუხი გაუგებარი იყო. კელსიმ სთხოვა, რომ გაემეორა პასუხი. ”კარგი, კარგი, დაწყნარდი, ჟან. მე ვხვდები რასაც გულისმობ. ვხვდები რა ზეწოლის

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    Case Study Case Study Case Study

    This case study is an excellent example of how different types of parties can be brought together in a large scale transaction and how the original energy of those early meetings can be lost over time. I imagine that when Anthony Athanas was purchasing those old piers back in the 1960s many, if not all, of his colleagues, friends, and family members told him that he was off his rocker. I’m sure Athanas was looking at this land as his family’s ticket to financial prosperity and somewhat of a legacy

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    Negotiation Skills Case Study

    THE BRITISH COMPUTER SOCIETY Case Study of Successful Complex IT Projects AUGUST 2006 Case Study of Successful, Complex IT Projects Table of Contents Executive Summary .......................................................................................................3 Introduction....................................................................................................................5 Background to the study ...........................................................

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    Analysis of Imported Oil Case

    Import a lot of oil? Over the course of the past few years, a great deal of media attention has focused on the not only the cost of oil but the availability of oil. Citizens of different countries around the world, including those in the United States, have become increasingly concerned about the cost and availability of fuel oil. With that in mind, many people have expressed concern about: • the growing dependence of the United States on oil imports • the stability of the major oil producing nations

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    Crude Palm Oil: Case Study

    ekspor minyak kelapa sawit (CPO) Indonesia ke India, Belanda dan lainnya. Hasil penelitian ini sejalan dengan penelitian yang dilakukan oleh Mariati (2009) mengenai pengaruh produksi nasional, konsumsi dunia dan harga dunia terhadap ekspor Crude Palm Oil (CPO) di Indonesia. Dari hasil uji empiris ditemukan bahwa terdapatnya hubungan yang positif dan signifikan antara produksi CPO nasional dan ekspor CPO Indonesia, sehingga jika produksi CPO nasional meningkat maka akan diikuti juga oleh peningkatan

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    Case Study

    of Business SUPPORT DOCUMENT I - CASE STUDIES The texts making-up this document review and emphasize significant issues covered during the sessions. The questions asked at the beginning of each set of texts are meant to help students identify the issues that they should pay attention to. Students will work in teams on one single case study (see class outline for number of students per team). Each team will produce a presentation slideshow of its case study (7-10 slides per presentation, depending

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    Havard Negotiation

    Concourse | Negotiations W EBSTER UNIVERSITY • JOINT BASE ANACOSTIA-BOLLING • GEORGE HERBERT W ALKER SCHOOL OF BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY • MANAGEMENT NEGOTIATIONS PROC-5840 3 Credits 01/07/2013 to 03/09/2013 Section 34 S1 2013 Modified 12/05/2012 MEETING TIMES Saturdays - 8:00am-12:00pm CONTACT INFORMATION Monica Y. Watts, MBA Email: Phone: 202-344-2938 Fax: 202-344-1254 Preferred contact method:

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    Oil Case

    Drilling for Oil example – Using @Risk Information: We are trying to determine the amount of oil that we expect to recover from an oil field. The unknowns are: the size of the field (in acres), the thickness of the oil-sand layer, and the primary recovery rate (in barrels per acre per foot of thickness). Based on geological information, the following probability distributions have been estimated –Estimate of Productive Area Acres Probability 8,000 - 9,000 0.05

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    Case Study Oil and Gas

    One of the biggest special-interest lobbyists groups is the Oil and Gas lobbyists. In 2009, annual lobbying for oil and gas was approximately $174 million. This year marked the highest amount ever spent on lobbying for the oil and gas industry. In 2013, annual lobbying spent was approximately $145 million. The attached chart shows the annual lobbying on oil and gas. Since 2007, the amount of money spent on lobbying for this industry has jumped drastically. It is easy to see how special-interests

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    Oil Companies

    Head: PACIFIC OIL PACIFIC OIL CSU GLOBAL AMANDA BAUMAN The case study analyzing negotiations between Pacific Oil Company and Reliant Chemical Company it shows how the role of power can dictate the outcome of negotiations. Pacific Oil did not prepare properly for the negotiations they were entering with Reliant Chemical Company. By assuming Reliant was comfortable with their current contract Pacific failed to properly prepare for any unknowns that arose during the negotiations. Pacific

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    Pacific Oil Case Study

    Critical Thinking – PACIFIC OIL CASE STUDY Brian Crummy MGT 470-1: Conflict Management and Negotiation August 31, 2014 The Pacific Oil Company, known for touching off the “black gold” rush began working with the Reliant Corporation in 1979. The first contract between the two was for the purchase of vinyl chloride monomer. As the end of the contract drew close in 1982, the companies worked together to broaden the contract from 1983 to 1987. In 1984 Jean Fontaine, the marketing vice president

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    Impact of Nigeria's Bilateral Investment Agreements in Oil and Gas on the Right to Health and the Right to a Healthy Environment: a Case Study of the Niger Delta”

    Impact of Nigeria's Bilateral Investment Agreements in Oil and Gas on the Right to Health and the Right to a Healthy Environment: A Case Study of the Niger Delta” Full Name of Student (Your student registration number) A XXXXXXXXXXX DISSERTATION SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILMENT FOR THE REQUIREMENT OF DEGREE OF XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX UNIVERITY

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    Term Paper on Human Resource Management Practices of Bangladesh: a Case Study on Orion Infusion Limited (Oil)

    Resource Management Practices of Bangladesh: A Case Study on Orion Infusion Limited (OIL) Letter of Transmittal   Date: August 17, ....   Lecturer Department of Management Studies Faculty of Business Administration and Management Subject: Submission Report on Human Resource Management Dear Sir, Here we are submitting our report on “Human Resource Management Practices of Bangladesh: A Case Study on Orion Infusion Limited” prescribed by you

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    Negotiation Case

    same price, setting my reservation price to $275. I made a post on the school’s “Free and For Sale” Facebook page and was contacted by a potential buyer soon after. I determined that this was a Transactional Situation and that it was a zero sum negotiation, where no value could be created. According to Richard Shell in Bargaining for Advantage, in a Transaction, one should only open if she/he has good information and should open optimistically. I decided that I needed to open, as I believed that my

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    The Leaky Oil Company --- Case Study

    The Leaky Oil Company As to this case, the main problem is I , as the president of advertising agency, should pitch the new account or not. From my angle, I would take a risk to continue this project based on the fact that business is the adventure. The potential client is a oil company as well as a joint venture beween US and Venezuelan, which owed mostly by Venezuelan government. It is a significant opportunity for our agency due to its size and magnitude.If we tend to get a improvement on

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    Corbin Pacific Case Study

    CORBIN - PACIFIC  Summary  1.1 Executive Summary  Corbin Pacific, Inc. is a California based company, whose mission is to produce best motorcycle accessories in the world through innovative designing and high quality manufacturing with a customer oriented approach. Mike Corbin, Founder and President of the company started this company back in 1968 by producing motorcycle seats in his garage. Over the past three decades, the company has come a long way. It now has more than 90 % market share

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    Pacific Oil

    The Pacific Oil Company “Look, you asked for my advice, and I gave it to you,” Frank Kelsey said. “If I were you, I wouldn’t make any more concessions! I really don’t think you ought to agree to their last demand! But you’re the one who has to live with the contract, not me!” Static on the transatlantic telephone connection obscured Jean Fontaine’s reply. Kelsey asked him to repeat what he had said. “OK, OK, calm down, Jean. I can see your point of view. I appreciate the pressures you’re under

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    Oil Pricing Negotiation

    Negotiation/MBA November 18, 2005 CLASS #3 What is Game Theory? In debriefing Oil Pricing, we will use terms borrowed from Game Theory. Game theory is the study of how people behave in strategic situations. These are situa‐ tions in which each person, when deciding what action(s) to take, must first consider how others might respond to that action. Decision‐making is a constant activity of managers and business. Strategic decisions have to be made every day. Making the wrong decision

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    Indian Oil Corporation Case

    Indian Oil Corporation Case The case discussed Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), which ranking 18th in top petroleum corporations and 105th in largest corporations globally with a tuner over of more than 48 billion Euros. The case discussed in detail IOC’s problem in profit decline due to borrowing money and line of credit issues. The case reveled the root and causes of these problems, which turned out to be the intervention of the Indian Government through its subsidies policy. These subsidies adjusted

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    The Pacific Oil Company

    A Crack In The Mug: Case Study Don Tines I. Strategy: According to Starbuck’s website they see their primary target market as adults both men and women ages 25-40. This accounts for 49% of their total business. They are looking to attract a younger adult market ages 18-24. While it is true that Starbucks is selling coffee (high-quality coffee) that is only part of the story. They refer to their stores as “Coffeehouses” the real “sell” is the image they confer on those who patronage their

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    Proc 5840 Pacific Oil Case Study

    Case Study #2: Pacific Oil Company PROC 5840: Pacific Oil Case Study 30 Sep 2013 Abstract This paper assesses a negotiation between Pacific Oil Company, a seller of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), and Reliant Chemical Company, a buyer of VCM. Each negotiation team’s strengths and weaknesses will be assessed. The Pacific Oil strengths included their negotiation team and the strength of the VCM market. Their weaknesses included poor organizational control

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    Case Study

    (AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB) Original Thinking Applied CONTENTS CSR 2014 04 The Trend The rise of CSR in business education 07 Case Study 10 Teaching CSR 14 16 18 Event The green trend in business Advertorial Economy MBAs and social responsibility Industry 08 CSR 2014 Lowdown on courses and events Oil companies and MBAs: a pipeline for corporate social responsibility MBS stresses importance of social

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    Frasier Negotiation Case

    collectivist scale and both cultures attach the greatest importance to group harmony. Accordingly, we should see similar characteristics in Japanese and Thai speakers during discussions within their respective social groups. However, this is not the case. This paper examines social talk during the task-oriented interaction of Japanese and Thai speakers. The analysis focuses on how the speakers of Japanese and Thai present themselves and construct rapport in casual group talk. Using the concept of consciousness

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    Pacific Brand Case

    Pacific Brands: Segmentation Australian Brasserie Consumers Q1. For this case, involving some exploratory research, Exhibit 12a and 12b show the segmentation and descriptor variables used to collect data for the segmentation analysis. Comment on the appropriateness and comprehensiveness of these attributes. What would your team change in this questionnaire and what other segmentation and descriptor questions would you recommend to ask to respondents for a better segmentation and

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    Waltham Oil and Lube Case

    Case Summary: Waltham Oil and Lubes Inc. Mr. Frank Knight has started a vehicle servicing business by putting a capital of $50000 on 1st May. For that he went into an agreement with National Oil and Lubes centers Inc. wherein he will use the National’s workshop facility and will purchase all the equipment and inventory from them. Of the $40000 deposit which he paid to National as a part of agreement, $25200 were deducted for the equipment costing $75000, remaining money to be paid in terms of

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    Title: Major Engineering Project – Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean Oil Pipeline

    Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean oil pipeline transporting crude oil extracted from Russian oilfields to the Asia-Pacific ‘hungry’ oil refinery markets such as China, Japan and Korea. The idea of creating such pipeline was proposed since USSR period, but not implemented. However, in 2004 it was decided to run pipes from East Siberian Taishet to Pacific Pervoznaya. Construction works of first stage of this pipeline began in April 2006 and finished in April 2009. After establishing oil flow through first

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    Pacific Oil Co.

    Pacific Oil Company Gene Arnold Negotiation Strategy Oklahoma Wesleyan University Pacific Oil Company The Pacific Oil Company went into negotiations with Reliant Manufacturing, and its goal was to sign a new long-term agreement. Pacific assumed that the new contract would be signed with no major obstacles, and that the principal point of negotiation would be price. Jean Fontaine, who is the marketing vice president for Pacific, went into a negotiation process with Reliant. Fontaine started

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    Athabasca Oil Sand Case Study

    Athabasca Oil Sands Project Case Study Analysis Recognize All Moral Impacts Stakeholder Write up: Stakeholders are individuals or groups that have one or more of various kinds of stakes in an organization and may affect and be affected by actions, decisions, or practices of the business. The key stakeholders in relation to the Athabasca Oil Sand Project are the governments, the public, and the natural environment. The first secondary social stakeholder with high interest and high power is

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    Asia Pacific Studies

    up this note and form a group of ministers to examine the economic issues linked to the creation of the new state. The group of ministers is likely to submit its recommendations within a 30 days’ time frame. Secondly, The Union home ministry will study the group of minister’s recommendations over the next 2 weeks and accordingly frame the cabinet note, to be move with the draft bill. The note will request the union cabinet to approve the draft bill, recommend to the president to refer the bill to

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    Case Study

    Harvard Business School 9 - 2 9 5 -029 Rev. November 21, 1994 Educational material supplied by The Case Centre Copyright encoded A76HM-JUJ9K-PJMN9I Order reference F261237 In late 1990, executives, engineers, and financial advisors working for Amoco Corporation and Apache Corporation began serious discussions about the sale to Apache of MW Petroleum Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amoco Production Company. Amoco had transferred to MW certain of its own assets that it regarded

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    Case Study the Oil Rig

    The Oil Rig A U.S. drilling company operates three rigs in Angola and the “Explorer IV” rig is one of them. A small jack-up is set up to house a crew of 150 men, of whom 30 are American expatriates and 120 are local works. However, there are a lot of disparities of their living conditions including space, food and medical care. For example, the quarters for the local workers are about the same size as the quarters for American expatriates. Also, expatriates will be taken to Luanda for medical

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    Case Study

    Abstract: The case explains the training and development initiatives of the Godrej group since the late 1990s. In the late 1990s, the Godrej group initiated various training and development programs such as the TQM workshops, 'Parivartan', EVA training, GALLOP, Spark, e-Gyan, English language training, and BPO training. The case explains each of these programs in detail and the benefits that the group reaped from all these initiatives. The case ends with the shortcomings in Godrej's training

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    Case Study

    increasingly populated and wealthy world. The nine planetary boundaries (Annex I) come in three main forms: 3 Draft for Discussion 1. Boundaries defining a safe global level of depleting non-renewable fossil resources, such as energy (coal, oil, gas), and fossil groundwater; 2. Boundaries defining a safe global level of using the living biosphere, including exploitation of ecosystems, protection of biodiversity and consuming renewable resources, such as land use; 3. Boundaries providing

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    Bp Oil Spill Case Analysis

    BP Oil Spill | Case Study Analysis | | Disclaimer: To start things off, I would like to mention that the BP Oil Spill is an extremely complicated case and its impact could be felt in every corner of the world. Therefore, my case study is only the tip of the iceberg and should not be used to judge the entire controversy. In addition, all statistics and information have been obtained from other sources. Enjoy! | | By: Haikang Zhu | For: Professor Bill WoofClass: Mgmt 1040 DDate: December

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    Pacific Oil Case Study

    Pacific Oil Company is a Sweetwater Oil company of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It was founded in 1902. One of the major chemical lines of Pacific's is the production of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM). “VCM is subjected to the process of polymerization, in which smaller molecules of vinyl chloride are chemically bonded together to form larger molecular chains and networks.” Pacific Oil's first major contract with the Reliant Corporation was in 1979. The contract between Pacific Oil and Reliant was a

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    Pacific Brands Case Study

    Introduction: Pacific Brands Limited is the largest supplier of everyday essential brands in Australia and New Zealand, retailing and distributing some of the biggest brands like Berlei, Hard Yakka, Bonds, Sheridan, Holeproof, Kayser, etc. The purpose of this case study is to analyse the fundamental issues relating to Pacific Brands strategy to close all seven of its Australian factories, and source its merchandise from southern Chinese factories resulting in the layoffs of 1850 Australian workers

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    Case Study

    even more strict regulations would surely damage the profitability of bottled water firms. Economic factors, like the ever increasing price of oil effects the costs of plastic bottle making and transportation fuel expenses. Lastly, the industry incurs negative environmental effects, such as waste and the lack of recycling. The persistently high prices of oil mean that bottled water companies will be facing higher costs, not only in transporting their product, but in producing plastic bottles which

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