Performance Of Islamic Banks

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    Stability of Islamic and Conventional Banks During the Financial Crisis

    Stability of Islamic and Conventional Banks During the Financial Crisis 1. Ratio Analysis The performance and the stability of banks can be quantified and measured through the analysis of their financial ratios. We can have several hundreds of ratios at our disposal. However, we will use only those that are common, and of some meaning for the analysis of the banks. Also, it is important to note that we should use only major and comparable ratios in order to fully understand the financial position

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    Comparative Performance Analysis of Indian Banks

    COMPARATIVE PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL OF INDIA’S COMMERCIAL BANKS PRESENTED BY Gurlovleen Kaur ABSTRACT Commercial banks form the most important part of Indian financial landscape in terms of their role in channeling credit to the commercial sector and facilitating the process of financial inclusion. In the era of global competition, performance is the key factor for any subject, especially in banking. The Indian banking industry is made up of the Indian public sector banks and private

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    Performance Analysis on Exim Bank in Bd

    peace prize, founded Grameen Bank in 1983 to provide tiny loans to poor rural women. Grameen became a global model for microfinance. It also spawned 48 other firms in sectors that stretch from textiles to mobile phones. Yet the Bangladeshi government seems determined to take Mr Yunus down a peg. In May 2011 the government pushed him out of his job as boss of Grameen Bank, saying that he was past the retirement age for someone running a government bank. (Grameen Bank mostly belongs to its borrowers

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    Performance Evaluation of Exim Bank

    11 Internship Report Prepared by Md. Sabbir Jahan Performance Evaluation of EXIM by the Private Banks of Bangladesh “A Case Study on EXIM Bank Ltd” This Internship report is submitted for the partial fulfillment of The degree of “Master’s of Business Administration” with a major in “Finance&Banking” Prepared By: MD. Salahuddin ID: 136-34-21 Program: Master’s of Business Administration Major: Finance&Banking Semester: Supervised

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    Islamic Banks

    Islamic banking and finance in the UAE problems and prospects Islamic banking means the system that is based on the principles of Islamic law ( also known Shariah) and guided by Islamic economics. Two basic principles behind Islamic banking are the sharing of profit and loss and significantly the prohibition of the collection and payment of interest. Collecting interest is not permitted under Islamic law. Problems:- Most of the Islamic banks operate by-murabaha and by muazzal. Bai –salam,istisna

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    Performance Evaluation of Selectedprivate Commercial Banks in Bangladesh

    different types, purpose, scope, different styles of writing reports. 10. Letter Writing: Types of letter – circular letter – letter of inquiry – letter of complaints – dunning letter – letter of adjustment – letter of order, letters in connection with bank and insurance. 11. Employment Communication: Preparing CV or personal resume, application, letter ( interviews and joining. Books Recommended : 1. Raymond V Lesikar : Basic Business Communication, Irwin. Chicago 2. Batty and Kay : Business

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    Marcentile Bank Performance

    Dear Sir: I have great pleasure to replace before you my Practical Orientation in Bank report on Mercantile Bank Limited, 25/1, Zindabahar 1st Lane, Nayabazar, Dhaka, where I have completed my orientation in Bank program from 1st April to 30th June 2007 as a part of the BBA curriculum. I have observed and studied different functions of a bank and was assigned to submit a report on “A Practical Orientation Mercantile Bank Limited”. To prepare this report, I have gathered what I believe to be the most

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    Islamic Bank

    Future of Islamic Banking For the past years, most Islamic banks have double-digit growth rates, surpassing their conventional rivals. There is ample room for growth for the Islamic Banking as they form part of merely 30% of total market share, even in the countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Malaysia. However, there are still several potential markets with large Muslim populations that remained largely untapped, such as India or even China. Subsequent to rapid growth, Islamic banks are facing

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    Performance of Ocbc Bank

    banks performance over the last 10 years in terms of profitability, asset growth and product innovation. The profitability of OCBC Bank over last 10 year was stable increased. In year 2002, OCBC Bank had S$667million of net profit. The next year, the net profit had rose 43% to S$954million. In year 2004, net profit was S$1162million and year 2005 was S$ 1298million. In year 2006, net profit had rose 54% to S$2002million. In year 2007, the net profit just increased 3% to S$2071million. However, the

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    1-PROBLEM & ITS BACKGROUND 1.1 Introduction In any economy banks play very important role. A bank is a reliable financial institution, which has core business of mobilizing the savings of people for investment purposes. It receives the money from one group and lends to other group of people. So bank performs the duty of financial intermediary. Usually there are two types of banks, conventional banks and Islamic banks. In simple words Islamic banks operate in interest free system. Prohibition of interest

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    Bank Performance & Profitability Analysis Format

    COMMERCIAL BANKING MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT ON PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF KARUR VYASYA & KARNATAKA BANK Submitted to: Submitted by: Prof D N Panigrahi Group 3 Section ABC Bank Performance & Profitability Analysis Model format for Comparative Analysis Basic parameters * No. of employees-6000 * No. of branches-415 * No. of ATMs-376 Key balance sheet parameters Karur Vyasya Parameter | 03/9(in cr) | 03/10 | 03/11 | 03/12 | Deposits | 19271.85 | 24721

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    (91204980) Brand Image of Islamic Banks


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    Froeign Exchange Performance Analysis of Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.

    Foreign Exchange Performance Analysis of Islamic Bank Bangladesh Ltd. A Report On Foreign Exchange Performance Analysis of Islamic Bank Bangladesh Ltd. Prepared For: The Chairman Fourth Year Examination Committee 2013 Prepared By Md. Wasiul Islam Exam ID: 100214 BBA Program, Session: 2009-10 Dept. of Finance & Banking Jahangirnagar University Savar, Dhaka – 1342 October 10, 2013 October 10, 2013 The Chairman Exam Committee Fourth Year Exam Committee 2013 Department

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    Islamic Equity Unit Trust Funds’ Performance in Cimb Wealth Advisors Berhad (Risk and Return Analysis)

    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.0 OVERVIEW This paper intent to analyze the performance of Islamic equity unit trust funds’ in CIMB Wealth Advisors Berhad by comparing with the FTSE Bursa Malaysia Composite Index (KLCI) as benchmark. This chapter will discuss the background of the study, historical development of unit trust industry in Malaysia, understanding unit trust, problem statement, research objectives and the significance of the study. 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY A plenty of investments

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    Performance Management in Central Banks

    Central banks are under increasing scrutiny over their performance, their costs and the extent to which they employ modern management practices. Yet while performance management techniques are widespread in the commercial sector, it is difficult to apply these directly to central banks. This article begins by setting out what is involved in performance management and discusses some of the problems that occur in applying them to central banking. In a second section, some examples of best-practice

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    Performance Evaluation on Ncc Bank Ltd.

    Credit & Commerce Bank Limited –NCCBL Motijheel Branch on 19th September and ended on 19th December 2013. Throughout my internship period Fatima Satter, Lecturer of Eastern University was my academic supervisor and Md.Ayub Assistant Vice President &MD.Masum Manager Operation was my field supervisor. A study on a particular topic is a mandatory part of the internship program. I was authorized to make a study on the “performance evaluation on National Credit & Commerce Bank Limited”. In this

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    Liquidity Risk Management: a Comparative Study Between Conventional and Islamic Banks of Bangladesh

    AND ISLAMIC BANKS OF BANGLADESH Banks conventionally fulfill the supreme responsibility of being a financial intermediary between the deficit and surplus unit of the economy. Liquidity risk refers to the excessive transaction cost, excessive loss of value and excessive exertion of time that banks have to face at the time of allocating liquidity to the third party when stipulated. Because of the unique constitutional features and regulatory conformity with the Shariah principle Islamic banks

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    An Analysis of the Impact of Risk Exposure to the Performance of Banks in Nigeria

    AN ANALYSIS OF THE IMPACT OF RISK EXPOSURE TO THE PERFORMANCE OF BANKS IN NIGERIA CERTIFICATION I certify that this research work was carried out by MR ABOYARIN SALAMI TUNDE with Matriculation No.; 109025160 of the Department of Finance, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos. __________________________ ______________ DR. LEKAN OBADEMI DATE _______________________ ____________ PROF. W. IYIEGBUNIWE DATE

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    Accessing the Financial Performance Using Accounting Ratios of Barclays Bank Ghana Limited

    will be able to raise enough capital to finance its operations. For firms whose capital requirements do not meet the requirement set by the bank of Ghana in February 2008 with deadline being December 2012, this is an avenue where such firms can fulfil this new requirement. With the current developments in the banking industry, banks of which Barclays bank is of no exception, should work at not only being profitable but also given investors value for their money. 1.2 OVERVIEW OF INDUSTRY In

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    Performance Evaluation of 4 Specialized Banks of Bangladesh

    study 5 1.6 Limitation 5 Chapter 2 2.1 An Overview of the Specialized Banks of Bangladesh 6 2.2 Significance of Specialized Banks 28 Chapter 3 3.1 Performance Evaluation of Specialized Banks in Bangladesh 29 3.2 Recommendation 32 Chapter 4 4.1 Conclusion 33 4.2 Reference 34 4.3 Appendix 36 Chapter 1 1.1 Introduction: Banks are very old form of financial institution that channel excess funds from surplus unit to deficit

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    Bank Performance Valuation

    operations of a bank, provides a very useful tool for the management of the financial firm, and thus do us a great favor to have a deep understanding of the financial firm. Directly from the page 1 of the UBPR report, the basic profit status of the commercial bank can be seen both from its development tendency and from the comparison between its own and the peer group ratio. First, when referring to its interest income and its interest expense, it can be seen that the interest income of this bank is lower

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    Impact of Interest Rates on Islamic and Covenional Banks

    Archive Impact of Interest Rates on Islamic and Conventional Banks: The Case of Turkey Erge¸ Etem Hakan and Arslan Bengul Gulumser c ¨ ¨¨ January 2011 Online at MPRA Paper No. 29848, posted 4. April 2011 06:17 UTC Impact of Interest Rates on Islamic and Conventional Banks: The Case of Turkey Etem Hakan Ergeça* and Bengül Gülümser Arslanb Abstract Identifying the impact of the interest rates upon Islamic banks is key to understand the contribution

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    Social Reporting by Islamic Banks

    Title: Social Reporting by Islamic Banks Authors: Bassam Maali, Peter Casson and Christopher Napier Introduction: Over the last 25 years the need for accounting practices in an Islamic perspective has risen, this is because western financial and social reporting frameworks may not be suitable for Islamic enterprises as it goes against Sharia Law (Islamic law) therefore Islamic banks have emerged. Islamic banks provide the normal services of a bank except those practices which are against lawful

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    Performance Evaluation of Commercial Bank of Bd

    | |ID # BBA 031 10957 | Thesis Report On Performance Evaluation of Commercial Banks in Bangladesh Submitted To Ellina Mahbuba Shahid Lecturer Department of Business Administration Stamford University, Bangladesh Submitted By Helal Uddin ID # BBA 03110957 Batch # 31 (J) Department of BBA

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    Performance of Exim Bank (2005-2009)

    Introduction Bank introductions EXIM Bank (Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Limited) was incorporated on June2, 1999 as a private sector banking company under the company’s act 1994 and started its operations on August3, 1999. The bank has authorized capital of BDT 3.5 billion and a paid up capital of BDT 2.68. The bank is listed in both DSE and CSE. Company Details Business Operations -Sariah based Islami banking service Chairpersons-Md. Nazrul Islam Majumdar Directors-Md. Faiz Ullah

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    Performance Analysis of Standard Bank Bd Ltd.

    Performance Analysis of Standard Bank Limited (FYs 2012 & 2013) 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Background of the report This Paper is prepared as the partial fulfillment of the course ‘Bank Management (FIN 303)’. The Paper is assigned by the course instructor, Alamgir Hossen, lecturer, IBA-JU. The main objective of this group report is to allow students to relate their textbook knowledge with the practical work field practices and provide students superiority over Financial Statement

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    Islamic Banks in Bangladesh

    debt/trade financing modes followed by Islamic Banks in Bangladesh. Do they conform to shariah rules. If so, how and if not, why not. Give your own conclusion/concluding remarks / recommendation. Course code: Fin-5502 Subject: Submission of Term Paper Dear Sir, I am very much delighted that I am submitting herewith my term paper titled “what is investment and debt/trade financing modes followed by Islamic Banks in Bangladesh. Do they conform to shariah

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    Is Basel Iii a Better Support to Islamic Banks Than Basel Ii?

    Is Basel III a better support to Islamic banks than Basel II? International Interdisciplinary Conference On Changes, Challenges and Consequences In Commerce, Engineering, Technology and Social Science. Institute of Business Management and Research, Chakan & Choice Institute of Management Studies and Research, pune, 15th March, 2014. Dr. Atmaram palnitkar Research Guide& Principal of Dayanand College OF Commerce, Latur. Abdul-Jabbar Qasem

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    Islamic Banking

    A COMPARISON BETWEEN ISLAMIC AND TRADITIONAL BANKS: PRE AND POST THE 2008 FINANCIAL CRISIS Mohamed Hashem Rashwan1 The British University in Egypt ABSTRACT This study tests the efficiency and profitability of banks that belongs to two different sectors: a) Islamic Banks (IBs) and b) Traditional Banks (TBs). The study concentrates on the pre and post 2008 financial crisis with an aim to test if there are any significant differences in performance between the two sectors. The study applies the MANOVA

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    Invetment Process of Islamic Bank

    4.1 Investment Process of FSIBL: Generally a bank takes several steps to deliver its proposed investment to the client. The process takes deep analysis because it invests deposit fund not its own fund. If the bank fails to meet the depositors demand, then it must collapse. So each bank specially Islamic bank should take strong concentration on investment proposal. However, First Security Islami Bank Limited (FSIBL) makes its investment decision through successfully passing the following crucial

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    Credit Management and Performance Evaluation of National Bank Limited”

    “Credit Management and performance evaluation of National Bank Limited” Chapter – 01 Introduction OF THE REPORT 1.1 Introduction National bank limited (NBL) is a full service scheduled commercial bank. It has both local and International Institutional Shareholder. The bank is primarily driven with a view of creating opportunities and pursuing market niches not traditionally meet by conventional banks. National Bank has been motivated to provide “best-in-the-class” services to

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    Bank Performance

    Analysis of Performance: Trust Bank (DSE: TRUSTBANK) Net interest income in 2014(Q3) grew significantly to 1995.7mn, which was 1439.2mn in FY’13. The bottom line profit and NPAT growth is 1298.1mn and 303 percent in FY’14 respectively (Details report is not available till now). The tremendous growth in bottom line has been possible due to growth in investment income and releasing provision. Till 2014(Q3), Asset growth was 27 percent, while the main contributor loans and advances increased by 32 percent

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    Bank Performance

    Introduction A Bank is a financial institution and a financial intermediary that accepts deposits and channels those deposits into lending activities, either directly or through capital markets. A bank connects customers that have capital deficits to customers with capital surpluses. There are different types of bank in Bangladesh. Like- * Central Bank * Commercial Bank * Industrial Bank * Co-Operative Bank * Savings Bank etc Generally when we use the term “Bank” that time

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    Performance Evaluation of Exim Bank

    Educational Qualification Name of the exam | Name of the institute | Board | Group/Sub | C.G.P.A/ Division | Passing year | BBA | Islamic University, Kushtia. | - | Finance and Banking | 3.25(Out of 4) | 2015 | H.S.C. | Shishu Kunja School & College, Jhenidah | Jessore | Business Studies | 3.70(Out of 5) | 2009 | S.S.C. | Islamic University Lab. School & College, Kushtia | Jessore | Business Studies | 3.69(Out of 5 ) | 2007 | Computer Knowledge * Operating

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    Are Islamic Banks in Malaysia Really 'Islamic'?

    Misconceptions of Islamic banks in Malaysia arise when Malaysia operates dual-banking system under one roof which comprises of Islamic banking and conventional banking. There are some that supports the issue such as in Malaysia, there is a separate Islamic legislation and banking regulations shown by Banking and Financial Institutions Act (BAFIA) 1989 and Islamic Banking Act (IBA) 1983. It proves that the operation of Islamic bank itself is different from the conventional banks. Plus, through the

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    Financial Performance Analysis of Uttara Bank Limited

    An Internship Report On “Financial Performance Analysis of Uttara Bank Limited” (Maijdee Court Branch, Noakhali) A study based on Uttara Bank Limited "Nourished by the age old heritage of Bengal” [pic] Comilla University An Internship Report On “Financial Performance Analysis of Uttara Bank Limited” An Internship Report submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Supervised By Shamem Ara Mili Assistant

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    Performance Apprisal System of Ab Bank

    Internship Report On Performance Appraisal System Of INTERNSHIP REPORT On “Performance Appraisal System of AB Bank Limited, ABBL” Of HR Division, Head Office. (This report on internship in AB Bank Limited is submitted as a requirment of the partial fulfilment of BBA Program) Report prepared for Probal Dutta (1st), Senior Lecturer, BBS, BRAC University Shantu Kumar Ghosh(2nd) Senior Lecturer BBS, BRAC University. Report prepared by MD. ULLAH AL MAMUN Student ID:

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    Islamic Bank Credit Reserve in Bd

    Course Name: Commercial Bank Management Course Code: FIN 425 Submission page - Submitted To – Fahim Muntaha Course instructor, school of business ASA University Bangladesh (ASAUB) - Submitted By – KAMRUL HASAN CHOWDHURY ID No: 081-12-0414 S.M.IBRAHIM ID No: 081-12-0396 ISHRAT NAHAR ESHA ID No: 081-12-0408 MD.MAHAMUD SULTAN ID No: 081-12-418 ROKSANAQ HUQ TABARI ID No: 081-12-424 Section: FIN-3C 3rd Batch, (Summer Semester, 2011) Date of Submission: 14th August, 2011

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    A Study on Pre & Post Performance Evaluation of Merger and Acquisition of Selected Indian Banks.

    400 MERGERS A N D ACQUISITIONS IN THE INDIAN BANKING SECTOR: A STUDY OF SELECTED BANKS Komal Gupta* Abstract: In the present era of global economy, Mergers most widely used business strategy restructuring greater market economies share, long term of corporate profitability, entering of scale etc. The present paper evaluates on the financial is conducted performance and Acquisitions have become the and strengthening new markets, capitalising

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    Performance, Problems & Prospect of Islamic Banking in Bangladesh.

    Report on   “Overall Branch Banking and A Comprehensive Review on Investment of First Security Islami Bank Ltd”                         [pic]  “Overall Branch Banking and A Comprehensive Review on Investment of First Security Islami Bank Ltd” Submitted to Dr. Mohammad Fashiul Alam Professor Department of Management Faculty of Business Administration, University

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    Tameer Islamic Bank - Corporate Strategy

      Corporate Strategy        Tameer Bank ‐ Micro Finance Banking  Arsalan Aziz  2011  Instructor: Mr. Shahid Zaki  EMBA PS‐IV (INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION)  Contents  INDUSTRY BACKGROUND ................................................................................................................................... 4  TAMEER BANK ..........................................................................................................................................

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    Performance Appraisal of City Bank Ltd.

    HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PRACTICE IN CITY BANK Term Paper on HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PRACTICE IN CITY BANK Prepared for: Associate Prof: Dr. Sumayya Begum Course Instructor: Human Resource Management Prepared by: Md. NorulBasor ID No. : M1516031 Batch : MBA-16 (A) Session : 2014-15 Faculty of Business Studies Bangladesh University of Professionals, Dhaka September 15, 2015 September 15, 2015 Dr. Sumayya Begum Associate professor (FBS) Course Instructor:

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    Comparison of Performance of Fve Banks of Bangladesh

    feature of bank is to conduct banking business with deposits and loan. The systems, vision and strategies differ in various types of banks. On the basis of these measures the overall banking system is classified in different sectors throughout the world. In our country, there are basically two types of banking system-commercial banking system and specialized banking system. Commercial sectors can be classified under four categorized -Nationalized Commercial Banks, Local Commercial Banks, and Foreign

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    Religious Sentiment and Customer Switchover to Islamic Bank

    really open the door for the banks run in accordance with Islamic rules and regulation. First Islami Bank started the banking system that runs according to Islamic rules and regulations. Then some other Islamic banks also started business. Currently some banks even the foreign bank like H.S.B.C and Standard Chartered bank open their Islamic banking section. Theses banks are doing these because most of the people of our country are sensitive to their religion. Banks want to do business by utilizing

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    Banking Sector Performance, Regulation and Bank Supervision

    Banking Sector Performance, Regulation and Bank Supervision 5.1 Industry statistics of the banking sector and the performance trends have been discussed in this chapter. The banking sector in Bangladesh comprises of four categories of scheduled banks. These are, nationalized commercial banks (NCBs), government owned development finance institutions (DFIs), private commercial banks (PCBs) and foreign commercial banks (FCBs). As of December 2004, total number of banks operating in Bangladesh

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    The Impact of Policy on the Loan Granting Performance of Private Commercal Banks

    Published by Sciedu Press 61 Determinants of Commercial Banks’ Lending Behavior in Nigeria Felicia Omowunmi Olokoyo Department of Finance, School of Business, College of Development Studies, Covenant University Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria Tel: +234-802-394-8641 Email: Received: January 20, 2011 Accepted: March 30, 2011 doi:10.5430/ijfr.v2n2p61 Abstract This study investigated the determinants of commercial banks’ lending behaviour in the Nigerian context. The study aimed

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    Issues and Challenges Faced by Islamic Banks

    the Islamic banks in Pakistan. As Pakistan is a Muslim country and the main population is of Muslims, there is a great importance of Islamic banking in this country and people are getting aware of this financial system. But the main challenge here that is faced by the Islamic banking is that Pakistan govt. is supporting conventional banking more. For this research interviews were taken from the employees and the customers of Islamic banks. These interviews are about the basics of the Islamic banking

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    Performance of Islamic Banks

    credit risk and solvency through simple sectoral averages for both streams of banking. Table 1: Financial Performance of Islamic Vs Conventional Banking |PPERFORMANCE MEASURES |CONVENTIONAL BANKS | | | | | |ISLAMIC BANKS |COMMENTS | |Profitability

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    Islamic Bank

    Abstruct : Thisis paper focuses on the prospect and growth potentials of Islamic banks in Bangladesh as perceived by Islamic and conventional bankers. The study noted that there is a high demand for interest-free banking services from a segment of people in Bangladesh who have a strong desire to abide by the rules and principals set by Shariah. Along with religious requirement, economic exigencies provide a new outlook to the role of banking in promoting investment/ productive activities, influencing

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    Marketing of Shahjalal Islamic Bank

    Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited: (SJIBL) is a modern commercial bank governed by the principles of Islamic Shariah, which is committed to implement and materialize the economic and financial principles of Islam in the banking sector. Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited (SJIBL) commenced its commercial operation in accordance with principle of Islamic Shariah on the 10th May 2001 under the Bank Companies Act, 1991. During last eleven years SJIBL has diversified its service coverage by opening new branches

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