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    Ice-Cream Consumption in India: Marketing Project

    use different attitudinal dimensions (affective, cognitive and conative) to deal with variety seeking behaviour as discussed below: Cognitive * Baskin Robins allows the consumer to discover and create his own flavors * Amul’s came up with probiotic and low calorie sugar-free ice creams Affective * Amul uses humour in its advertisements and hoardings that serve as reminder tools * Kwality Walls’ advertising has an emotional appeal Conative * All brands offer multiple product variants

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    needed] have demonstrated a decrease in CDAD by limiting antibiotics most strongly associated with CDAD or by limiting unnecessary antimicrobial prescribing in general, both in outbreak and non-outbreak settings. There is some evidence that probiotics may be useful to prevent infection and recurrence. C diff infected mice treated with viable Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophilus exhibited 46% less weight loss compared with untreated controls. Less pathology, diarrhea, and lower detectable

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    glycerin, citric acid, lactic acid, and dairy products. Below is a table of examples of some useful bacteria and their importance: USEFUL BACTERIA | IMPORTANCE | Lactobaccilus Acidophilus | L. acidophilus is one of the most common and versatile probiotics on the market. It is frequently used in yogurt cultures and hundreds of subspecies and strains have been developed. According to the National Institutes of Health, L. acidophilus' most reliable use is in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis. |

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    Perception Mapping

    Clinical Indications for Probiotics: An Overview Abstract Probiotic bacteria are used to treat or prevent a broad range of human diseases, conditions, and syndromes. In addition, there are areas of medical use that have been proposed for future probiotic applications. Randomized double-blind studies have provided evidence of probiotic effectiveness for the treatment and prevention of acute diarrhea and antibiotic-induced diarrhea, as well as for the prevention of cow milk–induced food allergy in

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    Green Manufacturing in Yakult

    material that might relate to a machine’s tool performance so the machine can be tuned to achieve best performance at maximum energy savings (Schelmatic, 2010). Introduction Company Background Yakult has grown to become a world leader in probiotics and operate in 32 countries across five continents now. There is over 28 million people drink Yakult every day for good health. Yakult (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yakult Honsha, Japan. Yakult has committed millions of ringgit

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    Summary of Wic Program

    |Use of Probiotics to lower serum cholesterol|Pfeuffer M, Schrezenmeir J. Milk and the metabolic syndrome. Obes Rev. 2007 Mar;8(2):109-18. | | |levels | | | Trend 2 |Use of Probiotics to reduce the risk

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    Characterisation of the Antiyeast Compound

    Sistema de Información Científica Duangporn Kantachote, Pakorn Prachyakij, Wilawan Charernjiratrakul, Metta Ongsakul, Yodsawee Duangjitcharoen, Chaiyavat Chaiyasut, Teruhiko Nitoda, Hiroshi Kanzaki Characterization of the antiyeast compound and probiotic properties of a starter Lactobacillus plantarum DW3 for possible use in fermented plant beverages Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, vol. 13, núm. 5, 2010, pp. 1-15, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso Chile Available in: http://www

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    Yakullt 2012 Annual Report

    based on Dr. Shirota’s philosophy—Shirotaism (preventive medicine, the link between a healthy intestinal tract and a long life, and offering products at a price affordable to everyone)—explained on the next page. As of March 31, 2012, as a Probiotics* pioneer, we help to protect people’s health in 32 countries and regions, including Japan. In addition to fermented milk drinks, Yakult operations in Japan today include a pharmaceuticals business, in which we handle an anticancer drug widely used

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    Johna Hex

    whooping sum of approximately 400 billion. Milk products have shown a steep growth due the increase in the number of health conscious individuals in urban as well as rural areas.Further the introduction of products such as soy milk,flavoured milk and probiotic yoghurt has helped in forstering the increased rate of growth. Although Amul is still remains the big shot in Indian dairy industry but other leading companies like Nestle,Reliance,Danone and Go have also surfaced with some of their revolutionizing

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    Pathogenic Microbiology

    benefits by deriving nutrients at the expense of the other * HIV- uses our cells to replicate (benefit) * Humans- we contract a terminal disease (suffers) * Probiotics- live microbial cultures that are administered or ingested with the intent to exert a beneficial effect. (Feces= the ultimate probiotic) * Opportunistic pathogen- a microorganism that can cause disease only when an individual’s immune response is weak OR when it moves to a new location within the body (ex:

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    properties of probiotic bacteria influence to a large extent their interactions within the gut ecosystem. There is limited amount of information on the effect of the production process on the surface properties of probiotic lactobacilli in relation to the mechanisms of their adhesion to the gastrointestinal mucosa. The aim of this work was to investigate the effect of the fermentation pH and temperature on the surface properties and adhesion ability to Caco-2 cells of the probiotic strain Lactobacillus

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    both of which are global probiotic leaders. The JV was formed in 2005 to manufacture and sell probiotic products in the Indian market. Yakult, a probiotic drink was launched in India in 2007, and is presently available in Delhi, NCR, Nasik, Chandigarh, Punjab, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore. Yakult is manufactured at an ISO 9001:2008, HACCP and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified manufacturing facility in Sonepat, Haryana in India. As a pioneer in probiotics, Yakult has formidable

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    Indian Nutrition Market

    over 21% up to 2012  Functional Foods is the largest segment, followed by Dietary Supplements. Aggressive marketing and disribution support from FMCG companies has ensured healthy growth in sales of Functional Foods and Beverages, energy drinks, probiotic foods and fortified juices in particular Lifestyle changes, rise in disposable income, increasing health awareness, rising medical care costs a shift towards preventive therapies and self medication, growth in pharma retail and availability of better

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    Human Digestion

    its fat and protein content, the degree of muscle action of the emptying stomach and the next organ the stomach contents with pass through. The entire process can take from 24 to 72 hours to complete. Foods that contain high amounts of fiber and probiotics helps to promote the digestion process. For example, papaya, pineapple, avocado and chili peppers all aide in digestion. Digestion occurs differently depending on the part of the food is in. Digestion first begins in the mouth. Once food enters

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    The Effects of Bacteria on Lifestyles

    almost everyone will experience at one time or another so you cant prevent it at all time. The current research that is going on includes vaccines to prevent diarrhea caused viruses. Also new treatments for diarrhea such as zinc supplements and probiotic medicines to prevent and treat traveler’s diarrhea. Bibliography * Diarrhea. (n.d.). Definition. Retrieved March 27, 2014, from 


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    Yakult Mktg Plan

    establishment of the world Yakult Group. The company was founded on the principles of preventive medicine and has used its extensive research in Probiotics to enhance the health of its customer since the 1930s. In the 21st century, Yakult Honsha, the subsidiaries and overseas companies like Yakult Philippines Incorporated aim to use their role as Probiotics pioneer and raise the quality of life for the people throughout the world. Yakult was introduced to the Philippines in 1978. Its popularity among

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    Good Tasting Bacteria

    development. Making reliable flavors and an accelerated aging process have emerged with the cultures that are in development by dairy scientists. Health and wellness trends are also being explored with the development of cultures to infuse cheeses with probiotics or create low-fat and non-fat cheeses with good taste and texture. New cultures and improved delivery systems are expected to improve not only opportunities for new products, but also overall cheese quality and bottom-line production costs. Cultures

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    Biotechnology Regulations and Ethics FDA Regulation of Probiotics One of the most significant implications of the Human microbiome project (HMP) is the expansion of number of probiotic products available on the commercial market. As, it is new area of study, new claims are being made about the role and the value of probiotics in promoting human health and well-being. However there is some uncertainty about the how these products should be regulated. The Goal of this paper is to discuss

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    Food Business and Development

    case study - Glenilen Farm, N.D.)Milk is the core and fundamental ingredient in all of their products. All of the milk used in their yoghurts is sourced from Glenilen Farm or neighbouring farms. The basis of Glenilen yoghurts is a creamy, natural, probiotic and low fat yoghurt. All the products created on Glenilen Farm are homemade, hand-made, additive and preservative free and have an authentic, rustic farmhouse taste. Glenilen yoghurts come in a range of different flavours including Raspberry, Strawberry

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    20 Best Ways to Improve Your Health

    with natural anti-inflammatories such as curcumin and fish oil. 10. Talk to your doctor about bioidentical hormones if you’re on hormone replacement therapy of any kind. 11. Improve your sleep by taking 1–3 mg of melatonin at bedtime. 12. Take a probiotic supplement. 13. Avoid sugar (sucrose) and artificial sweeteners and use natural alternatives such as stevia and xylitol instead. 14. Detox and support your liver with silymarin and lipoic acid supplements. 15. Eat lots of carotenoid-rich leafy

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    A R Y Probiotics This Scientific Status Summary addresses the scientific basis of the hypothesis that consumption of probiotics can positively influence human health. Product and regulatory issues are also briefly addressed. A PUBLICATION OF THE INSTITUTE OF FOOD TECHNOLOGISTS’ EXPERT PANEL ON FOOD SAFETY AND NUTRITION P robiotics are defined as live microbial food ingredients that have a beneficial effect on human health (Salminen et al., 1998). The concept of probiotics evolved at

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    PROBIOTICS Rachel Alvernaz BIOSC 119-Spring ’14 Sunday, April 20, 14 What are probiotics? • Probiotics: “live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.” When used in animal feed, the FDA refers to them as “direct fed microbial” and when used for human drugs, are referred to as “live biotherapeutics.” Can be taken orally by capsules, in food, or in powders. Sometimes referred to as “complementary” or “alternative” medicine. Available in

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    Probiotics Our Friendly Bacteria An estimated 10 quadrillion bacteria make their home in the average digestive system. Fortunately, less than one percent of the 400 different species found in the intestine are potentially harmful. The majority of intestinal flora are friendly bacteria, otherwise known as probiotics. These probiotic bacteria support good health by limiting the growth of harmful bacteria, promoting good digestion and increasing resistance to infection.*1 Probiotic bacteria are completely

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    Five Creatures Marketing

    Frozen Yogurt Stores) 5. Late Mover (Robot Frozen Yogurt Kiosk) Frozen yogurt was first introduced in the 1970’s. While frozen yogurt gained popularity with the help of TCBY, it soon lost its prominence in the 1980’s. With the invention of live probiotic powder based mixes by John Wudel, Pinkberry came in to the frozen yogurt market with it’s tart like flavor in 2005. Starting with one store in California, Pinkberry launched additional stores in California and New York within a year. In 2007, Pinkberry

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    The Four Elements of Marketing

    marketplace. For this essay, a study was performed to gain understanding of how the marketing mix is utilized for Activia Probiotic Yogurt. Activia is a brand of yogurt, owned by a company named Groupe Danone. Here in the United States, the company is known as the Dannon Company. The yogurts come in a variety are creamy and delicious, come in a variety of flavors, and contain probiotics, which aids in regulating the digestive system. Throughout the years, the health and wellness industry has grown in

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    Yoghurts and Cream

    simple, but it has to be produced in a totally controlled atmosphere. First of all, the milk which is going to be used for production of yoghurt is pasteurized. This is done in order to help the cultures remain alive after fermentation to act as probiotics. The milk is homogenized to get the right consistency and then it is rapidly cooled to 42oC. The starter cultures are then added to the milk and is left for incubation for around 6 hours. During this period, the milk is becomes acidic and the fermentation

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    Information Security

    worldwide probiotic business sector. Through our exploration we have created probiotics with decently archived helpful well being impacts. ProBac's clients are universally driving sustenance, wellbeing what's more, pharmaceutical organizations dynamic in the worldwide wellbeing item market. We take pride in cooperating with a portion of the best brands on the planet and additionally driving provincial organizations. ProBac is a main worldwide player in probiotic research and creates probiotics utilized

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    Mlt 1 Project

    The temperature requirement for this experiment is twenty-four degrees Celsius or above which is room temperature. The two types of organisms cultured are lactobacillus acidophilus and staphylococcus epidermidis. Lactobacillus acidophilus is a probiotic which is a live bacteria that is good for your health and found naturally in foods like yogurt. Staphylococcus epidermidis is a gram positive organism which is found naturally on our skin. C. Conditions Necessary to Control Microbe Growth In this

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    YAKULT: A Probiotic Drink The onset of lifestyle-related diseases because of dietary habits, poor exercise, alcohol intake, stress and the like, is an issue Yakult is trying to prevent. The research and development team of Yakult put its efforts in the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases by promoting foods with beneficial materials and based on scientific evidence. Yakult is a probiotic drink which improves digestion and helps build immunity. Yakult is derived from the word "Jahurto", meaning

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    Dannone Marketing Plan

    market in June 2008 A year after the introduction of Activia, the probiotics market had witnessed fast growth, increasing from 0.2% to 5.7% of the total yogurt market, of which Activia captured more than 76% (4.3%of the total yogurt market) By 2010, Activia reached 84% (5.7% out of 6.8% of the total yogurt market) DANONE considered probiotic yogurt a good business opportunity. Now, DANONE is challenging the low awareness of probiotic yogurts in Egypt by developing an advertising campaigns and PR

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    Use of Probiotics in Infants with Diarrhea Associated with Antibiotics

    Use of Probiotics in Infants with Diarrhea Associated with Antibiotics Chris Student Chamberlain College of Nursing NR 449: Evidence-Based Practice November, 2014 Use of Probiotics in Infants with Diarrhea Associated with Antibiotics Clinical Question The problem this paper addresses is whether probiotics can be an effective preventative measure for diarrhea when a child is prescribed an antibiotic. The significance of this problem is that diarrhea can lead to serious complications in the

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    Gut Cleansing Foods

    more than 10 times the number of cells you have in your entire body – and maintaining the ideal ratio of “good bacteria” (known as probiotics) to “bad bacteria” is now gaining recognition as perhaps the single most important step you can take to protect your health and further along your fat loss goals. In fact, there are more than 200 studies linking inadequate probiotic levels to more than 170 different diseases and health issues; here are just a few: ll Celiac disease, leaky gut, and irritable bowel

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    Marketing Paper

    at all. This Low –fat yogurt is not only low in calories it is also a source of helpful nutrients and probiotics that boost health and the immune system, perfect for people on a diet and loves to work out. IX. Marketing Mix Product The frozen factory’s main product is the frozen yogurt that’s not only low in calories but also filled with lots of nutrients and probiotics that boost health. It does not only sell frozen yogurt plainly to give the product an element of fun the

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    Lifelong Learning

    losing weight options because of the thyroid condition. I’ve had issues with my thyroid all my life and my weight has fluctuated significantly because of it. I was interested to see what was recommended to lose weight. I was really interested in the probiotics and prebiotics and how it affects bodies and health. When it came to the other methods her friends used I became disinterested. That part is where I need improvement. When it comes to stuff that I know nothing about I then start to lose interest

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    Marketing at Unilever

    report is to seen the marketing analysis for the product probiotic milk. Flora Pro-Activ Probiotic milk exists and being sold in many countries except for the Netherlands and Belgium and some other European countries. The choosen country is Belgium. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) defines probiotics as "living microorganisms, which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host. Probiotics add friendly bacteria to our digestive system, improving

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    Microbiologytask 4 Gram Positive and Gram Neg Cells

    Staphylococcus epidermidis, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. G. Identify an infection most commonly associated with each identified organism (the organism can be probiotic, not necessarily the cause of the infection). Lactobacilli (which is a probiotic) can cause serious infections in the bloodstream and urinary tract rare cases. Staphylococcus infections can cause boils or even food poisoning amongst other things (staphylococcus is normally found

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    Bacteria in Mcrobiology

    several weeks, the team, led by John Cryan, the neuroscientist who designed the study, fed a small group of healthy rodents a broth infused with Lactobacillus rhamnosus, a common bacterium that is found in humans and also used to ferment milk into probiotic yogurt. Lactobacilli are one of the dominant organisms babies ingest as they pass through the birth canal. Recent studies have shown that mice stressed during pregnancy pass on lowered levels of the bacterium to their pups. This type of bacteria

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    Microbiology an Introduction

    preventing the high incidents of C. Diff by prescribing scheduled probiotics, especially if they are taking antibiotics. A study conducted by Annal of Internal Medicine and featured in the NY Times researched the effectiveness of probiotics preventing the incidence of C diff. The study was used data from 20 randomized and controlled trials that compared a course of probiotics with a placebo. The study also used different types of probiotics with varying doses. The researchers were able to deduce from

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    imports, exports, buys and sells food products, particularly dairy products and beverages. PRODUCT Regeneris pieces of Alpina Regeneris pieces of Alpina is a fermented skim milk food , sweet and fruit pieces. Contains prebiotic fiber and probiotics ( Bifid bacterium lactis BB12 ) that consumed daily and accompanied by a balanced diet and exercise, can help eliminate the waste that your body does not need . Pieces Regeneris naturally provides calcium and protein of excellent quality. Calcium

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    Written Executive Communication

    Feasibility Report On ITC Foraying into Probiotics Milk Submission Date: 24th Oct, 2010 Submitted to: Ms. Asha Nataraj Product Manager, ITC India Submitted by: Anuj Naithani | Anurag Singh | Sriram | Yukti Mital ABM 07012 | ABM 07013 | ABM 07014 | ABM 07015 Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL To Ms Asha Nataraj Product Manager

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    Alimentos Funcionales Probioticos

    efecto benéfico en el huésped, lo que reforzará la confianza de la comunidad médica y el público en general en el uso de estos bio-reguladores que se encuentran a la vanguardia en el mercado internacional de alimentos. Probiotic functional foods Key words: Lactobacillus, Probiotics, Functional Foods Functional foods are the food industry´s response to the consumer´s demand for foods that are both attractive and healthy, a market that has tremendously increased during last years. These kinds of

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    Clinical Assignment

    of respiratory infections which azithromycin is usually prescribed for.  Epilogue 15. What will probiotics do for Leia? Probiotics are live microorganisms that are similar to the beneficial microorganisms naturally found in your intestines. Taking probiotics will replenish the microorganisms in your gut. Taking antibiotics diminishes your natural “good” bacteria in your stomach and probiotics decreases the chance of having yeast infections, chronic diarrhea, and stomach pain.  16. What

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    Experimentation Critique

    The title of this experiment is Probiotic capsules do not lower plasma lipids in young women and men. The objective of this investigation was to clarify the effect of probiotic bacteria administered in capsule form on plasma lipid concentrations. Independent variableThe independent variable is the probiotic capsules. Probiotic bacteria have been defined as live microorganisms, which when consumed in adequate amounts, confer a health effect on the host. These bacteria have been hypothesized to

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    randomized controlled trial of a probiotic, VSL#3, on gut transit and symptoms in diarrhoea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome H. J. K IM, M. CAM ILLERI, S. M C KINZIE, M. B. LEMPKE, D. D. BURTO N, G. M. THOMFORDE & A. R. ZINSMEISTER Clinical Enteric Neuroscience Translational & Epidemiological Research Program, Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation, Rochester, MN, USA Accepted for publication 3 February 2003 SUMMARY Aim: To investigate the effects of a probiotic formulation, VSL#3, on gastrointestinal

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    Mkt Plan

    is one of the brands of Cerebos Pacific Limited, whose version is to be the leading food and health supplements enterprise. BRAND’S contains different product lines. Our new product is Inner Shine’s Xylo-oligosaccharidea plus probiotics contains the popular probiotics spores, Xylo-oligosaccharides and dietary fiber, just contains 6Kcal and peach favor (A1) can help to maintain the digestive function, defecation and increase the intestinal peristalsis in order to make the stool soft and discharge

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    Danone Activia

    Activia contains Bifidis Regularis, which is a probiotic that helps regulate your digestive system. Danone Activia is available in seven different flavours and varieties. As told Activia is available in seven different flavours and varieties. The 113 grams Yogurt flavour packages are available in strawberry, vanilla, peach, blueberry, prune, cherry, mixed berry, strawberry-banana and raspberry. The yogurt is also available in a light variant. The probiotic, Bifidis Regularis, is a microorganisms which

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    Nestle: Strategic Plan Guidlines

    Nestle’ Probiotic Products (LC1) Who will carry out the strategic plan? Strategy will be carried out through the use of Nestles vast research and development departments, while also working closely alongside its marketing, advertising, and sales departments. The primary weapon to Nestlé’s introduction of LC1 products, with their probiotic benefits, would be high levels of education through advertising and marketing. A strategy that would effectively place Nestlé at the head of the probiotic industry

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    Market Analysis and Perception on Pre-Probiotics


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    Yakult Marketing Plan

    countries and regions around the world and consumed by 28 million people everyday. With the incorporation of Yakult Singapore, Yakult was introduced to the Singapore market in 1979 and aims to raise the awareness on the benefits of its unique probiotics products, in order to fulfill their mission contributing to the health and happiness of every person in the world. 1.2 Company Mission The mission statement of Yakult Honsha Company Limited, sourced from the company’s US website, is as follows

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    Business Managment

    aquaria with four replicates were used for treatments and controls. Treatment groups were consisted of ) shrimp fed diet with B. subtilis (T1), and ii) shrimp fed diet mixed with B. subtilis and commercial probiotic (T2). Control groups were consisted of ) shrimp fed diet with commercial probiotic as positive control, and ii) shrimp fed unaltered diet as negative control. Results showed that B. subtilis was proliferated in digestive tract of treated shrimps, and the number of Vibrio spp. was reduced

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