Problem And Prospect Of Flower Industries Of Bangladesh

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    Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

    University of Information Technology & Sciences Topic: Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh Course title: Introduction to Sociology Course Code: HUM– 381 Department: Bachelor of Business Administration Prepared for- Mohit Prodhan Lecturer of Sociology School of Liberal Arts Prepared by- Rawnak Razzak (ID: 08310026) Afsana Khanom (ID: 08410001) Sadi Muhammad Naved (ID: 08410056) Sharmin Zaman (ID: 08410023) Date of Submission: April 10, 2011 10th April, 2011 Mohit Prodhan

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    Prospect of Ict Industry in Bangladesh

    PROSPECT OF ICT INDUSTRY IN BANGLADESH Ariful Islam ID: 11164063 Section: 1 Subject Code: BUS 502 Subject Name: Managerial Communication Summer 2011 PROSPECT OF ICT INDUSTRY IN BANGLADESH Abstract ICT is one of the most talked about but unexploited industries in Bangladesh. Last two decades have seen lot of initiatives, both in public and private sector, to stimulate growth in this sector. Although some success has been achieved, Bangladesh lags far behind other South Asian countries

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    Prospects of Ship Building Industry in Bangladesh Essays and Term Papers

    Bangladesh Shipbuilding industry now a promising sector November 15, 2007 The shipbuilding industry in Bangladesh is now becoming a promising sector as it has signed several contracts with Danish investors to build multipurpose vessels. On at least two instances, Danish shipping interests recently have placed substantial orders with Bangladeshi shipyards. Ananda Shipyard in Meghna Ghat and CS and Partnere A/S, a Danish ship consortium, have signed a agreement to build a ship, said a press release

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    Flower Industry in Bangladesh

    Resume of Md. Ashraf Hasan Md. Ashraf Hasan 121, Students Dormitory. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman Agricultural University. Salna, Gazipur-1706 Bangladesh Mobile: 8 8 0 1 7 1 7 4 5 6 7 5 4 Email: C A R E E R O B J E C T I V E EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION | Subject:

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    Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

    Impact Of Globalization On Bangladesh Globalization has become a buzzword in the new era of international relations. Basically it is a process of expanding trade and commerce all over the world by creating a frontier-less market. But now it has had a far-reaching effect on many aspects of life. With the development of hi-tech communication media and rapid transportation facilities, the hole world has squeezed and people have come closer to one another. Now we can learn in an instant what is happening

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    Development of Apparel Industry in Bangladesh

    Development of Apparel Industry in Bangladesh Garment Industry Large-scale production of readymade garments (RMG) in organised factories is a relatively new phenomenon in Bangladesh. Until early sixties, individual tailors made garments as per specifications provided by individual customers who supplied the fabrics. The domestic market for readymade garment, excepting children wears and men's knit underwear (genji) was virtually non-existent in Bangladesh until the sixties. Since the late 1970s

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    Pakistan, Problems and Prospects

    Pakistan, Problems and Prospects Abstract Pakistan is still in a situation that it does not have a well-established democracy. Since its existence in 1947, right after the freedom from British rule; the founder of the Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah died. Because Jinnah’s death was too early that he did not have time for country to put on right path and there was no constitution when he died. Also Pakistan often existed under martial law. When Pakistan had an elected government, it failed to stay

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    Problem and Prospect of Flower Industries of Bangladesh

    PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS The Bangladesh government and the Bangladesh Aid Group have taken seriously the idea that Bangladesh is the test case for development. In the late 1980s, it was possible to say, in the somewhat patronizing tone sometimes adopted by representatives of donor organizations, that Bangladesh had generally been a "good performer." Even in straitened times for the industrialized countries, Bangladesh remained a favored country for substantial commitments of new aid resources from

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    Problems and Prospects of Smes Loan

    Volume– V, Issue– 02, July-December, 2010 Problems and Prospects of SMEs Loan Management: A Study on Mercantile Bank Limited, Khulna Branch S. M. AKTERUJJAMAN 1 Abstract SMEs all over the world have been playing a crucial role in promoting economic development as well as industrial production. SME financing has been identified as a major obstacle to SME growth. Unfortunately, the issue seems to be as unresolved as it always has been. Though the majority of the issues are with the SME themselves

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    Problems & Prospects of Pharmaceuticals in Bangladesh

    Abstract The aim of the study is to present the current scenario of the pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, the pharmaceutical sector is one of the most developed hi-tech sectors, which is contributing in the country’s economy. After promulgation of Drug Control Ordinance -1982, the development of this sector was accelerated. The professional knowledge, thoughts and innovative ideas of the pharmaceutical professionals working in this sector are the key factors for this development

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    Prospects of Ship Building Industry in Bangladesh

    2010 The International Conference on Marine Technology 11-12 December 2010, BUET, Dhaka, Bangladesh STUDY ON SOME COMPETITIVE PARAMETERS FOR SHIPBUILDING INDUSTRY IN BANGLADESH N. M. Golam Zakaria, M.M. Rahaman and Kh. Akhter Hossain Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh ABSTRACT Despite Bangladesh has glorious history & heritage as a shipbuilding nation since ancient time, shipbuilding

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    The Prospects of Insurance in Bangladesh

    Chapter 1 Introduction In this report we will mainly talk about the insurance business in Bangladesh and its prospect in the country under the topic of “The prospect of insurance business in Bangladesh”. In this chapter we will focus on the origin or background of the report, objectives of the report, scope of the research, methodology of the study and also the limitations that we have faced in preparation of the report. 1.1 Origin of the report: We have made the report basically to fulfill the partial

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    Steel Industries of Bangladesh

    STEEL INDUSTRIES OF BANGLADESH REPORT ON FOCUS The report “Bangladesh on its way of becoming self sufficient in rod production, export is also a possibility” by Shuvankar karmakar, that was analyzed here, was published in the Daily Prothom Alo, on 17th November, 2012. BACKGROUND Bangladesh Steel industry is emerging as one of the major industrial sectors of the country. It consists of small up to the largest scale of steel melting and re-rolling factories across the country that mostly produce

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    Rmg Industry of Bangladesh

    Ready-Made Garments (RMG) industry occupies a unique position in the Bangladesh economy. Bangladesh has a total population of over160 million. Among of vast population about 3.5 million people are working in the garments industries. It is the largest exporting industry in Bangladesh, which experienced phenomenal growth during the last 20 years under the quota system of Multi-Fiber Arrangement (MFA). The abolition of quota system thus brings new challenges for Bangladesh’s apparel industry to continue its current

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    Term Paper - Prospect of Export Oriented Leather Industry in Bangladesh

    Term Papers and Free Essays Term Paper - Prospect Of Export Oriented Leather Industry In Bangladesh Prepared For : Sheikh Ziaul Islam ASSOCIATE PRPFESSOR Department of Marketing Azam khan Govt commerce college,Khulna Prepared By : Newaj Raj University Roll : 9783541 University Reg :

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    Problems and Prospects of Small Business

    Problems and prospects of our small industries Published : Saturday, 05 January 2013 Women working in a small industrial unit Md Atikur Rahman Every country wants to develop. We believe that industrial development can bring in faster development for any country. A well-conceived industrialization strategy, be it import substitution industrialization or oriented industrialization, can be useful in accumulating wealth. Many of the developing countries have achieved development through industrial

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    Problems and Prospectspharmaceutical Industry in Bangladesh

    * PPL/PUR/PAC/2014/002 March16, 2014 * Nandanic Packaging Ind. Kazirgaon, Board Press, Jatrabari Dhaka Attn.: Mr. Nomanur Rahman WORK / PURCHASE ORDER Dear Sir(s), Reference to your quotation & subsequent discussion with you; we are pleased to place the Work Order of the following items as follows Sl. | Description | Quantity | Rate/unit | Total amount | 01 | 42X100 ml Bottle:Size: H-5.5”X W-12.5”X L-14.5”Paper: 3 Ply with both side

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    It Industry in Bangladesh

    An Overview of the Software Industry in Bangladesh Syed Munir Khasru Abstract: Software is one of the most talked about but unexploited industries in Bangladesh. Last two decades have seen lot of initiatives, both in public and private sector, to stimulate growth in this sector. Although some successes have been achieved, Bangladesh lags far behind other South Asian countries like India and Sri Lanka in terms of employment and revenue generation in the software industry. Against such background, this

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    Problem, of, Islamic, Banking, in Bangladesh Pdf

    8th International Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance Prospects and Problems of Islamic Banking from Bank’s Perspective: A Study of Bangladesh Dr. Muhammad Z Mamun 1 This paper focuses on the prospect and growth potentials of Islamic banks in Bangladesh as perceived by Islamic and conventional bankers. The study noted that there is a high demand for interest-free banking services from a segment of people in Bangladesh who have a strong desire to abide by the rules and principals set by Shariah

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    Problems and Prospects of Small Business Development in Bangladesh

    Problems and Prospects of Small Business Development in Bangladesh Section One: Definition & Characteristics of Small Business  Our essay is divided into five sections. Section one will discuss about the definition, nature and scope of Small Business. In section two we will get the opinion of some entrepreneurs according to our questionnaire. Section three will deal about some common problems that our Small Business firms face, according to the answers of previous section, which will be followed

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    Problems in Developing Small Scale Industries in Bangladesh

    Problems in developing small scale enterprises in Bangladesh There are a huge number of problems in the question of developing small scale enterprises in Bangladesh, which are discussed below: Individuality: Maximum small scale enterprises are owned by the individuals and an individual has obviously some limitation. Lower Per Capita Income: Per capita income of our people is low and for this reason our people are not being able to generate adequate capital to run the business efficiently. Unskilled

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    Emergence of Export-Oriented Shipbuilding Industry in Bangladesh: Current Position & Future Prospects

    The export basket of Bangladesh is very limited where ready-made garments alone account for nearly 80 percent of its total exports. The extreme dependence of export earnings on the ready-made garments may pose serious threats in the near future. Thus, product diversification is necessary in that case shipbuilding could be a new horizon. The giant ship building nations such as Korea, Japan, China, and Vietnam have been booked with large orders for the next ten years. Some countries have already

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    Islamic Banking : Problem and Prospects

    Issues And Problems of Islamic Banking An overview on the review of problems | | The Islamic banks face a number of challenges. First, they have not yet been successful in devising an interest-free mechanism to place their funds on a short-term basis. They face the same problem in financing consumer loans and government deficits. Second, the risk involved in profit-sharing seems to be so high that most of the banks have resorted to those techniques of financing which bring them a fixed assured

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    Flower Marketing in Bangladesh

    1. Introduction 1.1 Research Background Flowers symbolize beauty and serenity. Flowers have been regarded as an embodiment of human taste and aesthetics. This unique and unparalleled nature of flowers has given rise to its commercial transaction all over the world. Thus, Bangladesh has ventured to enter this expanding export market. Now-a-days flower marketing is growing in Bangladesh. No one could think of exporting Bangladeshi flowers even a few years ago. But this is a reality today and prosperous

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    The Use of Promotional Activities in the Tourism Industry: the Case of Bangladesh

    of Promotional Activities in the Tourism Industry: The Case of Bangladesh [pic] By Md. Jakir Hossain Dr. Klaus Solberg Søilen ID # 670504-P777 Academic Supervisor E-mail: Date: 07 June, 2006 Abstract This thesis is an attempt to investigate how the use of promotional activities can help to develop the tourism industry by giving a special concentration to the case of Bangladesh. The investigation was conducted from both

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    Prospect of Offshore Gas Exploration in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh has become a place rife with disagreements and heated arguments over PSC accord signed between GOB & Conocophillips; actually the controversy is gonna agitate the whole country upside down. National Committee on Protection of Oil, Gas and Mineral Resources, Power and Ports (NCPOGMPP) has been vehemently protesting the deal stating it has shamelessly compromised with Bangladesh’s interest; while GOB and a pool of energy experts countered that critics misinterpreted some of the clauses and

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    Bangladesh Textile Industry

    Bangladesh economy is based mainly on the textile industry. As we all know that Bangladesh is the second largest Textile industry in the world after China. Even though Bangladesh comes under the least developed nation it has some comparative advantage which makes Bangladesh the second largest exporter in Textile. One of the most important comparative advantage is the low cost labour. In garments factories women are the main reason for low cost labour “In 2004, there were 3480 factories that employed

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    Investigate the Sanitation Problems in Bangladesh

    preparing learners with specific knowledge, skills, or abilities that can be applied immediately upon completion. Education arena in Bangladesh is not so developed. Literacy rate is low and there is a significant disparity between female and male literacy rates. However, with on going awareness of both the government and NGO’s, literacy rate has been going up. Bangladesh gets International Literacy Prize 1998 from UNESCO for its ongoing literacy rate. It is targeted that, the country will be illiteracy-free

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    Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

    Unemployment Probem In BD Introduction: Unemployment means the state of being without any work both for the educated and the uneducated for earning one’s livehood.This problem has become a great concern all over the world.But nowhere in the world this problem is so acute as in Bangladesh.Thousands of people in our country are without any job.At present the toughest task for any young man is to manage a job.It is tedious and sometimes humiliating.A person has to

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    Leather Industry in Bangladesh

    Bangladeshi Leather Industry: An Overview of Recent Sustainable Developments H. L. PAUL1, A. P. M. ANTUNES1, A. D. COVINGTON1, P. EVANS1 and P. S. PHILLIPS2 Institute for Creative Leather Technologies, School of Science and Technology, University of Northampton, Boughton Green Road, Northampton, NN2 7AL, U.K. 2 Environmental and Materials Sciences, School of Science and Technology, University of Northampton, Avenue Campus, Northampton, NN2 6JD, U.K. Abstract The Government of Bangladesh has indentified

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    Steel Industry in Bangladesh

    Steel Industry The Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills, commonly known as BSRM, is a Bangladeshi steel manufacturing conglomerate based in Chittagong. It was founded in 1952, when the Ismaili Africawala brothers established the first steel rolling plant in erstwhile East Bengal.[2][3][4] Products: XTREME 500W GRADE 60 STRUCTURAL SECTION SPRING STEEL BSRM was the first steel company in Bangladesh to receive ISO 9001:2000 certification. The system has been continuously modified and developed in

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    Industry Analysis of Telecom Sector in Bangladesh

    the telecommunication sector of Bangladesh. Telecom sector of Bangladesh is a very fast growing and dynamic sector. This sector marked its inception in 1989. In this report we have analyzed the history, the value chain activities, the competitive forces, mobile network portability, and national telecom policy etc. We have conducted the risk analysis of the industry in terms of different analysis tools that is SWOT, PESTEL etc. We have covered in and out of the industry in the part A of our report. In

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    Sme Financing in Bangladesh Problems and Prospects

    SME Financing in Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects SME Financing in Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects Prepared for Arafat Rahman Assistant Professor Institute of Business Administration Jahangirnagar University Prepared by Tanjila Sharmin 201301029 Md. Mourshed Uddin 201303006 Naim Ahmad 201403020 Sayeed Ishtiaque Ahmed 201403027 Md. Sazzad Hossain 201403034 Course Participant BUS 501: Managerial Communication (Section-02) WMBA Program Institute

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    The Problems, Prospects and Opportunities of E-Commerce in Bangladesh

    The problems, prospects and opportunities of E-Commerce in Bangladesh Introduction As a newly developing business approach, e-commerce initiatives in Bangladesh are facing many constraints. From legal issues to technological complexities, problems that are hindering to forward march of the e-commerce initiatives are large in numbers. To cope up with the pace of today’s business trends it is very much necessary to address those problems as soon as possible. Otherwise alongside with the new business

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    Denim Industry in Bangladesh

    PRESENT SCENARIO OF DENIM INDUSTRY IN BANGLADESH PRESENT SCENARIO OF DENIM INDUSTRY IN BANGLADESH A REPORT ON PRESENT SCENARIO OF DENIM INDUSTRY IN BANGLADESH PREPARED FOR: MD. ATIQUL AKTAR General Manager, Sales and Marketing Evince Textiles Ltd. PREPARED BY: NAYEEM ABANTY HUQUE DATE OF SUBMISSION: 14. 05. 2015 May 14, 2015 Md. Atiqul Aktar General Manager, Sales and Marketing Evince Textiles Ltd. Subject: Submission of the report Dear Sir, It is an honor

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    Flower Profit in Bangladesh

    FLOWER MARKETING IN BANGLADESH 1. Introduction In these days a number of commodities are getting faster market response with the help of marketing activities. One wonderful and beautiful category, which is full of fragrance, is also moving towards a strong branding and marketing initiative. This natural category is the category of flowers. Flower is the symbol of beauty and serenity. It is the only entity which enhances beauties of anyplace where used. Many songs, poetries and literatures have been

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    Problems and Opportunities of Direct Foreign Investment in Bangladesh

    Executive Summary The thesis investigates the performance of problems and opportunities of Direct Foreign Investment in Bangladesh. It also identifies the overall direct foreign investment system in Bangladesh. Problems and opportunities of direct investment in Bangladesh follow the rules and regulation prescribed by the investment forum for schedule countries on companies. The functions of the country or company cover a wide range of investment and functional activities to individual, firms, corporate

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    Banking Industry in Bangladesh

    Banking Industry in Bangladesh: Bangladesh is a third world country with an under developed banking system, particularly in terms of the services and customer care provided by the government run banks. Recently the private banks are trying to imitate the banking structure of the more developed countries, but this attempt is often foiled by inexpert or politically motivated government policies executed by the central bank of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Bank. The outcome is a banking system fostering corruption

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    Mapping of Chocolate Industries in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh’s chocolate industry has not grown significantly even after a certain industrial revolution. At present we need to rely on foreign chocolate brands. Different chocolates of Cadbury, Hershey’s, Mars, Snickers, KitKat, Alpenliebe, Toblerone, Eclairs, Munch are few most preferred chocolates in Bangladesh. But unfortunately none of these are local product. We couldn’t develop our chocolate industry much. The reason behind that is lack of interest of customers about chocolate. Marketers could

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    Prospect of Ship Building Industries in Bangladesh

    PROSPECT OF SHIP BUILDING INDUSTRIES IN BANGLADESH Md. Mahfujul Amin 10364075 Managerial Communication BUS 502 Spring 2011 BRAC UNIVERSITY Prospect of ship building industries in Bangladesh Abstract: Bangladesh has a thousand year old history in

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    Performance, Problems & Prospect of Islamic Banking in Bangladesh.

    public and lending money to the people. In addition, they also involved themselves in investment. Apart from the principal function, they also have to render various services to the people. The ever-changing demands of the society, business and industry have led the banks to undertake such services for enhancing their utility to the society at large. Based on nature of these services, they may be classified as under (a) agency services: collection and payment of cheques, payment on behalf of customs

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    Tourism Industry of Kuakata : Problems and Prospects

    others find the place interesting because of the unique customers and traditions of the Rakhain community. 2.2 About Kuakata: Kuakata , locally known as Sagar Kannya (Daughter of the Sea) is a rare scenic beauty spot on the southernmost tip of Bangladesh. Kuakata in Latachapli union under Kalapara Police Station of Patuakhali district is about 30 km in length and 6 km in breadth. It is 70 km from Patuakhali district headquarters and 320 km from Dhaka. At Kuakata excellent combination of the picturesque

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    Major Problems of the Banking Industry and Strategies to Overcome Them: a Study on Bangladesh.

    Major Problems of the Banking Industry and Strategies to overcome them: A study on Bangladesh. Table of Content Topic Page# 1.0 Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 2.0 Review of Previous Empirical Literature------------------------------------------------4 3.0 Banking Industry in Bangladesh---------------------------------------------------------- 3.1 What is a Bank? ----------------------------------------------------------------------5

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    Bangladesh Leather Industry

    Analysis-of-leather-industry-of-babgladesh Chapter One: (Introduction) By- MD. Musawir Hasan /September 6, 2012 Introduction The contribution of the industry sector to Bangladesh economy has been on the increase. Among the fifteen sectors identified for national income “Leather Industry” is one of them. Industry is the backbone upon which the economy of any country prevails. The growth of economy, the internal development of a nation depends upon the development

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    Performance Dynamics of an Industry Enterprise in Bangladesh.

    Terrm Paper Performance dynamics of an industry enterprise in Bangladesh. A case study of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. By Nisith Kumar Mondal ID no.- 10415004 MBA Program, Summer-2011 School of Business University of Information Technology and Sciences Baridhara Campus Dhaka-Bangladesh 2011 Historical Background |ABOUT US | 

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    Small Scale Industries of Bangladesh

    Management Patuakhali Science and Technology University Dumki, Patuakhali-8602 Small Scale Industries of Bangladesh: A Case study of some small scale industries A report On ATTENDANCE SHEET Level: 3, Semester: II Course code: MST326 Course title: Entrepreneurship development and Business Environment Report title:  Small Scale Industries of Bangladesh: A Case study of some small scale industries Roll. No. | Reg. No. | Name | Signature | 0803019 | 01881 | Dibakar Chandra Das(GL)

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    Budgeting Problem of Bangladesh

    1.2 Objectives The topic chosen for the assignment is “Problems & Solutions of Government Budgeting in Bangladesh”. The underlying objectives of this assignment can be classified in the following two types, Broad Objective: • To analysis the overall government budget for last two years. Specific Objectives: • To identify the problem of government budget in Bangladesh. • To describe the present of social accounting. • To depict the objective of social accounting. • To elucidate

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    Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

    Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh Unemployment means the state of being without any work both for the educated and uneducated for earning one's livelihood. Unemployment problem has become a great concern all over the world. But nowhere in the world is this problem as acute as in Bangladesh. Thousands of people in our country are without any job. In 2010, Bangladesh’s unemployment rate was 5.1% (Source: Bangladesh Burrow of Statistics). Source: UN data, Country Profile: Bangladesh Cause of

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    Main Social Problems in Bangladesh

    Log In Sign Up Explore Zoom SOCIAL PROBLEMS OF BANGLADESH Written by : Ram Krishna Paul, B.Sc. in EEE, 25th | B | Day, SUB A lots of social problems are rounded Bangladesh. Few major social problems are discussed in bellow oneafter another: Population increases at an unsustainable rate: It is entirely possible that the perilous situation that awaitsBangladesh with its population growth isn’t getting the kind of consideration that it so deserves. Or it may be that people are very indifferent

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    Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

    earn. An unemployed person can not earn his living. He has to depend on others . He is thought as a burden to the family or the society. So, it is regarded as a problem. Unemployment is common every where in the world. No country in the world is completely is free form it. So, Bangladesh is not exception from it. Rather, this problem is very serious in our country. Many people are badly suffering from the curse of unemployment. There are many direct or indirect causes of unemployment. They

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